VSM students from various places of Maharashtra had gathered today at Sahyog Mandir Hall at 1 pm. They were asked to introduce themselves. Then they were asked to give a name of a person who inspires them and why ?

The main program started at 3.30 . Pankaj Chavan and Kavita Bidwe did the compeering of the program.

1)    Eight students under the guidance of Jyoti Deshkar sang ‘Tu budhdhi de’.

2)   Bhau Nanivadekar gave the overview of VSMactivities in the last year.

Now VSM has nearly 170 students pursuing BA, BCOM, Medical, Engineering,Nursing etc. So far seventy students have completed studies with the help of VSM . Last year 3rd branch of VSM was opened at Borivali and 4th branch was opened at Pune. VSM used 94% of its funds for its students.
‘Caring friends’ organization has given a donation of twenty lakhs to VSM .

3)  Karyakarta Manogat – Swati Agate shared the views of Karyakartas or volunteers.

She told that they spend their own money to collect donations. Number of volunteers keep on increasing with the word of mouth.

Some of the functions of volunteers are – Admission, account keeping, hostel management,conducting various workshops and competitions , English language improvement ,help desk,library,website updation,ahwaal collection and bulletin. Some volunteers take the role of palak karyakarta where student is given one palak according to his branch of study and interests.

4)    Vandana Shirke gave a Vote of thanks .

5)    Vidyarthi Manogat –  3 students shared their views about VSM.

Vishal Raikar – Palya of Nivedita Joshi who is 2nd year engineering student told that student activity of ‘Be Frank’ helped him a lot to get information about various subjects. Students get not only funds but also various skills like English speaking, communication , interview techniques etc.

Sayli Kadam – She is studying in 3rd year of computer diploma. She feels that programs like ‘Be Frank’ and ‘Vividh gundarshan’ motivate them to develop and display new skills. Her whole family is motivated by VSM , even her father is completing his graduation.

Alfiyaaz Jawale   Due to various reasons she failed in 12th std. and was very much depressed after that. But her palak Nilima Mehta and Swati Agte gave her support and arranged for her medical help. She then comlpeted a computer course.

When she appeared for Dept . of Post exam Geeta Shah of VSM accompanied her and helped her to remain calm. She has learned now that not only destination but efforts are equally  important .

6)    ‘Meenatai patankar purskar’  were given thereafter. Suhasini Thakur gave information about these students.

Sewavrati Diksha Dinde ( Collecting donations for disabled, helping earthquake victims of Nepal)

Sewavrati  –  Vaibhav Sonawane ( conducting workshop for Dr.Kolhe and RTI)

Sewadharmi – Rohit Devkar (conducts free hobby classes and 10th ,12th classes)

Sewadharmi –Madhuri Mengal ( Cleanliness drive,free English teaching to students)

Sewabhavi  Nilesh Harad ( Cleanliness drive, distribution of sweets to adiwasis during Diwali)

7)    Vishesh Kautuk – Special prizes

Anjali Pednekar announced these prizes and mentioned special achievements of these students.

Pankaj Chavan – Boy from small village Khed, he has won 14 prizes during the year in Streetplay, Drama ,elocution,debate etc.

Darshana Saple – Studying in Thakur college of engineering , she secured 9.55

percentile and is the holder of Sir Dorabjee Tata scholarship.

Sairam Majgaokar – In C.S. foundation course entrance exam he secured 9th


8)    Adarsh Palak puraskar – (Ideal Parent)  Chitralekha Dinde 

Anita Mehendale introduced Chitralekha Dinde  who is mother of Diksha Dinde.

Diksha is disabled from birth (now her disability is 84%). She carries Diksha everywhere strapped on her 2 wheeler and waits outside for her. Diksha completed her B.Com. with 70% marks and is now doing MA in history. She received best cadet award during UPSC preparatory course.

9)    Dhanashree Ketkar introduced well known writer Dr. Anil Awachat who was the chief guest of the function. He is doctor by education, writer, journalist, editor by profession , trusty of Muktangan Vyasanmukti Kendra, he is also fond of drawing, photography, origami, woodcarving, flute etc

10) Geeta Shah interviewed  Dr. Anil Awchat. He said that we should allow our children to lead their life by their choice, but not at the cost of others. He also said that he never advises anyone, but children should learn how to accept the defeat and insult gracefully and  how to control one’s anger. He sang melodious bhajan in the end.

11) Veglya watecha shodh – searching new frontiers .

Here 3 palaks told us about how they helped their wards .

Subodh Jathar(palak) And  Vaibhav Sonawane (ward)

From the age of 7 he started writing,participating in elocution . When Subodh Jathar met him 2 years back he started giving him books and discussing with him.

He wants to be political writer/analyst to be able to influence the whole world.

Jyoti Shaha (Palak) and Namrata Salunke (ward)

Namrata lost her husband and has 2 kids . She has done BA but was unable to get good job. So she decided to pursue nursing. Jyoti met her in-laws and children also and gave a lot of support and encouragement.

Varsha Joshi(Palak) and Suraj Telangi(ward)

To become collector was his childhood dream. He wants to become IAS officer. He feels that to change the system one has to be part of it. He said system is static but dynamic people(like me) can change it. He is doing MA in JNU. He keeps on reading for 14 hours , skips lunch to avoid feeling sleepy. Varsha keeps on telling him about good manners , cleanliness etc. so that the world can not say bad things about him.

12) Documentary made by Laukik Joshi on Journey of VSM was shown.

13) Rahul Bhalke on behalf of students who have passed out from VSM, handed

over  ‘Krutadnyata Nidhi’ to VSM (Bhau Nanivadekar) as a token of gratitude.

14) Past students who conduct ‘Be Frank’ namely Karan Pardesi, Anand Sapate,

      Prathmesh Tayade and Aniket Raut were given special prizes.

The program concluded with ‘Vande Mataram’ sung by students.

Report By – Dhanashree Ketkar