Every year, Republic day (26th January) is celebrated at VSM with the Alumni Students. This year too, the “Alumni Meet” was held in Thane. 22 Alumni students & 9 mentors attended the meet.

Such events bring the Alumni closer to the Organization who have nurtured them during their education days. Just like parents always wish that their children grow up and become their support, VSM also wishes that their students also blossom into responsible individuals

The Meet was anchored by Ms. Madhuri Bondre.

Meeting started with introduction of Alumni students. This year, some of the students passing out in 2020 were also present. This would provide an insight of being an Alumni Student. Apart from sharing their Background profile, the Alumni Students also shared about the job openings in the company they work. This move initiated a wide range of Questions & Answers from other members.

Abhay GadiyarThe 1st session was conducted by Mr. Abhay Gadiyar on “Financial Literacy”. He explained how important it is to understand “Finance” in our Daily Life. He explained with a simple example of building a House. Initially you need to create a base of the house which is enough Liquidity (cash).  The Pillars of the house  are expenses to cover unforeseen situations of Death, Accident, Medical Expenses & Critical Illness. The roof acts as our investments in various instruments (like Mutual Funds, Shares, F.D. etc.). The expenses should be distributed in 4 major heads namely, EMI 30%, Savings 30%, Household expenses 30% and Other expenses (Style) 10%. This simple illustration was easy to understand for all the Alumni Students.

For Alumni Students who are Entrepreneurs / running their own Business, who do not have a fixed income unlike salaried person, he provided a simple example of using MINU (Minimum, Important, Nice and Unnecessary expenses) formula to distribute the expenses. This provided a guide for controlling expenses. Abhay cleared all the doubts which students had.

The 2nd session was conducted by our Alumni Mr. Tushar Khaire. The session covered the visit of our 8 Alumni Students to Vidyarthi Seva Samiti (VSS), Warora. This institution has been formed by Prof. Madhukar Uplenchwar. Tushar explained their experience of VSS, their working  and the support which VSS Alumni students are providing to the parent Unit. He also covered the Hostel facility (Dyanada) provided for students. VSM students found this session very informative.

Parag_redeThe 3rd session was conducted by our KP Parag Rede. This session was typically for Alumni students where he explained how GOAL setting can be done in our life. The technique he used is called “ALPS” (A: Academic, L: Learning, P: Personal and S: Social Goals). In each of these sections, an individual need to do continuous improvement either through reading or through their  experiences. Parag shared some examples of how Alumni students could help the current students who have less interaction with mentors, to cope up with their inhibitions.

The 4th session was conducted by Pramathesh Navalekar, who is also a mentor. He shared the activities carried out during the Year by Alumni Students, some key data of our existing Alumni and some case histories of Alumni who are our “Shining Stars”. He emphasized the Alumni students to share their achievements with VSM and ask their friends to do so. This will help in maintaining our Data Bank and list our Success stories to the community. Mentor Arpita Raut also emphasized of how Alumni students can share the responsibility during the Ganapathi Donation Drive.

Nilesh LeleThe 5th session was conducted by Mr. Nilesh Lele. Nilesh is an entrepreneur and Secretary of Alumni Association of ICT, Mumbai. He explained the importance of Alumni for any organization. By engaging themselves with the organization, Alumni students can expand their network of friends / associates which will be helpful for them in their professional career. Based on his experience he also shared that only 20% of the Alumni students remain engaged with the organization and they in turn are going to bring about the change, rather than waiting for the 80% to connect.  He summed up the session informing that success in life can be achieved by having a ‘Give and Take” Relation.

Madhuri dongreMadhuri did a recap of all the sessions by the Alumni students. With a vote of thanks to all the guest speakers, the event was concluded.

The entire event was guided by Vishal Rayakar, Tushar Khaire, Priyanka Gorale and the Alumni Support team