This was the first time that the VSM alumni  visited another NGO called Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti – Warora (VSS-W) from Aug 2nd till 7th. They were accompanied by senior VSM volunteers. This visit was recommended by our common friends Shri Nimeshbhai and Rameshbhai of Caring Friends.

2The main purpose of the visit was to understand the working of VSS basically in terms of how they have been able to get their alumni to help them in all their activities not just financially but even in running of the operations of the NGO.

VSS started with one hostel in 1971 in Warora. The Organization was set up by Professor Madhukar Uplechwar (Prof. MU) who while studying in Pune had come in contact with Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti at Pune set up by Pofessor Apte.

Taking inspiration from Professor Apte he started similar activity at Warora and named his organization as Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti- Warora, (VSS-W), to differentiate from the Pune organization.

VSS-W offers hostel facility only to the children of farmers as they feel that the children of those in service can manage on their own.

Although VSS-W) charges some amount to the students for their stay and food, in case of those who cannot afford even that amount the students are offered concession based on their income and other family background.

3Prof. Uplenchwar  keeps in personal touch with every student who has stayed in the hostel and only because of this personal touch and the  connection established with them during their stay in the hostels that VSS has been able to receive a good amount of funds from them for running of the hostels and for setting up of new hostel as well as school facilities at another two locations. For setting up of the hostel and the school VSS has received free land from the local resident and substantial funds from Bajaj group under their CSR.

With his connection with the alumni students Prof. Uplenchwar has been able to get them on board for running the organization and now most of the members of the organizing committee of different hostels and the schools are from the alumni.

VSM is grateful for the genuine hospitality extended to VSM Team by Prof. Uplenchwar & his staff. It was a very fulfilling visit with lots of in-depth leanings.