The camp was held between Oct 27-29, 2017 at Shraddha Farms, Owala, Thane.



gr photo--medical teamThis was organized by in house Team comprising of Medical & Paramedical students under the guidance of Dr. Anita Mokashi (VSM Mentor) & Dr. Jaikishan Patil (Ex-VSM student). Seven MBBS, three nursing students and two optometrists volunteered & a total of fifty five student participated in the camp. Work had started few months back by circulating a simple questionnaire to the students to get an overview of their daily eating and general habits. The camp began with the interactive talk of Ms. Prajakti Jathar about diet planning, nutritional values of our daily food followed by the lecture of Dr. Anita about general hygiene to be practiced for prevention of various diseases. All the participants underwent basic medical check- up including general check up with Medical history by checking of Eye- sight, checking of height, weight, BMI, pulse, BP & hemoglobin. The students (Checking & getting checked) were mighty thrilled at this first of its kind experience. The data will help in planning further interventions for aiming at a healthy VSM student fraternity.

medical camp 2 medical camp 4 medical camp 1 medical camp 5

Responses from our student patients & Student Doctors

  • “It felt great that our own fellows are examining us, taking care of us”,
  • “I was afraid of the prick before but now I’m worried about the anaemia.”
  • “It was very nice knowing about the reasons behind problems and nicer by knowing that many of them can be solved on our own”.
  • “They were very free and easily shared all their complaints. We did not have to make them talk, they were telling many things on their own”

 Health talks:

menstrual hygieneMenstrual hygiene: The session was for both, boys and girls. Misconceptions about menses were busted by explaining the Science behind it & how to keep oneself clean during this period was explained.

YOGA: Benefit of the yoga practice was explained with handouts & demonstrations


The topic for this popular in house activity was, ‘ BE AMBIVERT ‘ a combination of Introvert and Extrovert. Initially students were asked to share their impression about Be Frank. Most of the students said that it is a non judgemental platform for Frank discussion.

Three groups were formed and given specific instructions. All the students in the first group blurted their info together, only to deliver chaos. The second group didn’t say a thing, just standing and waiting for others to speak. But in the third group, every person spoke in turn, therefore being able to convey what they wanted to. It demonstrated the extremities of human personality types and the perfect balance- Ambivert.

Think-decide-unlock yourselves: To elaborate this new concept, groups of students were formed &a topic was given to each group fro group discussion. some students couldn’t resist to present more than needed & some students really showed the qualities of Ambivert character In the end, organisers concluded stating the importance of contribution as a team member to team.

Importance of realistic and measurable goal: The fun activity of ‘Touch the Fan’. The activity was simple, jump and tries to touch the ceiling fan. Only tall students could touch the fan. & despite of many efforts short students couldn’t do it even after trying their best. We tried to convey the most significant dimension of Ambivert nature through this activity; being realistic and measurable about dreams and not overestimating one’s capacity.

be frank    be frank-3    be frank-2

The session was summarized for all as – an Ambivert knows when to grab and when to quit, when to speak up and when to listen, when to push and when to hold, when to take risk and when to not Student’s understanding after the session was reflected through their feedbacks:

  • For Jitendra, his younger sister is a perfect example of Ambivert person
  • For Poonam, her father is a ideal example of Ambivert personality.
  • According to Uttareshwar human body is an Ambivert mechanism.

 Workshop on communication skills & GST

communication skillsParticipants were enlightened about how to work in groups, develop creative abilities and represent the group when making a presentation. They were also taught the difference between soft and hard skills, importance of good listening, and achievement of goals.

The ‘ what ‘ and ‘ why ‘of GST was explained in detail in this session. The topic was explained through various examples.

Lecture about UPSC exams

orientation on UPSCThe importance of patience, hard work and focused study was stressed over dependence on coaching classes. The route to IAS, IFS, IPS etc was explained in detail.


 Andha-shraddha nirmulan

andhshradha nirmulanThe intention was to imbibe Scientific attitude and not fall prey to the so – called ‘ babas ‘. The Science behind ‘ divine magic ‘ of the babas was explained and demonstrated. This was followed by some interesting questions from the participants.

Plastic waste – management

plastic waste managementThe session was about avoidance of plastic usage and it’s re-cycling.



Animation presentation

orientation on UPSCThis was by Prashant Shirley, a 28 yr old National Award winner for his animation film ‘ KOMAL’, which was screened at the venue. Prashant stressed on working for passion and not rewards.


Film- appreciation

The intricacies of watching and getting a message out of a film, was explained. ‘ZOOTOPIA ‘, an animation film was screened as an example. Shramadan and decoration of camp-site. The premises were thoroughly cleaned by the students & the camp site was creativity of the participants.

Vividh-guna-darshan and camp fire

The participants showcased their individual talents, while unwinding around the Camp fire. The Camp thus concluded, leaving the participants rejuvenated and educated in a playful manner.

Such Camps are a conscious effort by VSM to groom its students and help in their overall healthy development, both, in mind and body.