Assist A Project

Anyone who intends to give back to the society, can do so with whatever they have, be it time, money or skills.

Most of us want to contribute to social change, but are restricted by our daily life commitments. In order to be able to still help, VSM runs a program called “Assist a Project”, where anyone can help in one of our ongoing projects with whatever time and skills that they have.

E.g.If you are a photographer or a designer and even if you have one free day, you can choose from our project list and assist us in covering our event with your photography or update our website using your graphic design skills.

The list of required Project Facilitators is as follows:
1. Photographer/Videographer, for covering VSM events, shooting short videos.
2. Subject Teachers – For assisting students in specific difficult topics
3. Workshop facilitator/Speaker
4. Graphic designers for Website, Facebook event Creation, Brochures, Social Media etc.
5. Content writers for event reports, blogs, Student Success Stories
6. Assistance in accounts/data entry work
7. Assistance in getting Venues for Study Centres for Students and for meetings
8. Volunteering (as per time availability) for events which are conducted throughout the year.

Click Here to register for Assisting a Project or mail us at