The last BE FRANK of 2016-17 was held at Shahapur in April 2017, with its theme as “BE FRANK –  BE A READER”.

IMG_20170409_115607 Out of the 21 participants, some were avid book readers, while some averse to reading. The readers spoke to the non – readers in their group about the books they had read. The non- readers had to present the summary of these books, which was done remarkably well. Many books were recommended for reading too.

In all, 15 books were reviewed and 6 recommended for reading. The titles were varied including Kimayagar (Achyut Godbole), Mi Pahillel Ek SwapIMG_20170409_115210na(Rajendra Bharud), Not without my daughter (Betty Mahmoody), Chandavishayi (Dr. Anil Avchat) , Hay hi Divas Jatil (Dr. Anand Nadkarni), Jivanakade Pahanyachi Navi Drushti(Vamanrao Pai) etc.

At the end of the programme, the non – readers expressed their eagerness to start reading……!

The aim of BE FRANK is to help students interact with each other, discuss freely in a friendly atmosphere and learn to express themselves.

2016-17 thus ended on a positive and encouraging note for this activity OF, BY and FOR the students.