Coordination and communication

On the auspicious day of Pune VSM Vardhapan Din, the central theme was Coordination and Communication; and on the demand of a day full of activities by Pune students, the VIPs of VSM i.e. Anand Sapate and Karan Pardeshi conducted a semi-frank programme including both KPs and students of Pune.
This was going to be a very different experience for felicitators and students all the same because of the presence of KPs. In the first activity itself, participants were expected to enact some commands given on a chit which depicted the different forms of communications. As expected, the audience got the correct definition of communication through this activity more accurately than the Google definition that Karan dada narrated. After this came the ‘Chinese Whisperer’ which took the programme to another level and broke the ice between students and KPs. Participants were expected to pass a short story comprising four friends going to a fifth friend by a car. But the end result was something like this- three friends going on a mountain, getting a shock and some fault in their bike. Everybody had a hysterical laugh after listening to the real story. Anand dada then explained the factor of ‘gadbad’ i.e. miscommunication or addition of noise when passing a message and why there’s a need to reconfirm a message if received through a third person.
After this came the highlight of afternoon- the role plays. Students were needed to enact KPs in certain situations that we all often face in VSM and vice versa. Bharati scolded her student KP on the subject of lack of reading like no KP should. Snehal and Varsha mam had an insight on English communication. Bharat was so soft on his student about missing the calls that everyone wished they had such a KP. Manasi Doke successfully convinced her student to check out different streams of further education. When asked for responses from audience, Diksha tai felt that the activity conveyed the dedication of KPs towards their students. Vaibhav dada explained how the students realized how they should conduct themselves in all these situations. Anand dada concluded the activity by saying how both the students and KPs should understand each other by stepping in each other’s shoes.
BE FRANK PUNE 3Then came the game of commands. Anand dada tricked some by giving a different command orally and enacting something else. This game helped to explain the importance of in-person conversations between KPs and students. After this was the group activity of good things and bad things. One group was supposed to tell one recent good incident to the other group who was instructed to neglect them anyhow. While the second group succeeded in ignoring, the first group decided to take revenge in second round; in which they were supposed to listen and console the members of first group who had suffered from a bad happening. The results were as expected, without a shatter of revenge, the group empathised with them in a well behaved manner. The activity focused on the importance of listening and responding as Diksha tai highlighted, and also it exposed the actors hidden in our KPs.
The reviews of students highlighted role-play activity and how it conveyed the roles of KPs and students equally. Vaibhav dada suggested to brand the BE FRANK activity and Aditi mam praised the acting skills of KPs. the programme gave a very different experience all because of KPs. They added a new colour to our kaleidoscope of Be Frank series. At the end, the review of Anand dada summarised the day perfectly- ivasaMvaad (miscommunication) to saMvaad (communication) to sausaMvaad (effective communication).

-Sanket Vanare