On the 3rd Sunday of February 2017, VSM, Thane branched witnessed its160A0596 25th chapter of ‘Be Frank’ program. Be Frank is a program conducted by the students and for the students. VSM, Thane is not just a scholarship giving academically oriented organization but a dynamic organization which believes in the holistic growth of its students. Be Frank is a program conducted to encourage the students to become self confident by identifying and bringing out hidden talents from amongst themselves.

This time the theme was Creativity. This session was conducted by Karan, Anand, Bharat and Sanket (Be Frank Team). Like every other program it began with an introduction round. Before introducing himself/herself they had to give the chair (kep160A0591t in the middle of the room) some imaginative identity and make an innovative use of it. This activity brought out some brilliant thoughts and imaginations of the participants Some made it a laptop, while other thought of it as a TV or as a bench. Shy Aarti turned it into a football and kicked it hard in style, thus serving the purpose of the activity. This activity helped in shedding inhibitions between all the participants and rest of the session followed in a very cordial and lively atmosphere. Amongst all this fun and frolic, one of our student named Sagar brought in an emotional touch by hugging the chair tightly as he saw the chair as his mother.

Up next was the Creating ‘ur’ AD activity. Participants were divided in 5 groups and each group was given a product for which 160A0623they had to make a one minute advertisement. Students came up with imaginative brands and advertisements like ‘Kolhapuri Bhaji Bhari’ and ‘Yuva Sena candidate’ etc.

This ‘Be Frank’ session not only had  activities, but also made way for some interesting conversations.  Students realized that they do a lot of creative things in their day to day activities and can also bring the same in drawing and poetry, robotic designs and making ear rings or even in reading editorials in the newspapers.

I discovered that creativity was already living inside me”

was one such heartwarming & sincere feedback from one of the participant which brought great delight to the Be Frank Team.