IMG-20190314-WA0009We all are running from one hour of life into another. In all this chaos, something comes to us like breeze of air that passes over our face in the summer afternoon. It doesn’t stay with us forever but it does something to our hearts, it makes it light. That’s what Be frank does to you. It takes you out of that chaos and busy schedule of yours for few hours. While going back home to that same old summer afternoon all you wait is for next breeze of air to pass over your face again.
While looking back a year, we see that we organized eleven Be Frank programs, where as in last four months (Jun to Sep 2018) we could conduct nine Be frank programs, the number itself talks about team’s efforts, VSM’s support and mainly student’s enthusiasm and demand for Be Frank program. In these four months we brainstormed to get nine different themes, manage crowd of over seventy students, and offer stage to many of our students as facilitators.
IMG-20190314-WA0008Last four months were innovative, in terms of experimenting in and outside VSM family. We have always conducted Be Frank for VSM students, but this changed with Pune “Be Frank – Me to We” conducted on Jul 15. Here we tried getting three important pillars of our VSM family together; these were Students, their parents and their KPs. In last four months we were able to plan Be frank for School students, and it was pleasant surprise for ourselves.
Now we could conduct Be frank for children, who were far from our reach before, may that be 10th standard students in Mugaon ,Shahapur or students of Samarth High school, Bhandup. This all has been possible because the dream, we all now call as “Mission 1000”.
In this experimentation we found that students of Datta Samant School, Bhandup showed lot of enthusiasm for the activities conducted by us, such as advertising importance of clean air through a play or confidently presenting their talents in Talent show. Similarly seventy students of S. G. School Mugaon showed their proactive nature through role play like World without technology. We were amazed to see their approach for each topic of role play, the detailing and creativity that they poured into it.
In last four months we conducted Be frank programs like Be Frank – Be Awesome, Be Proactive, Be Connected, Me to We, Be Confident, Be Curious, Be Cool. Each of these be frank had activities relevant to the theme, some Be Franks offered opportunity to showcase creativity like Painting, and develop bond of friendship.
IMG-20190314-WA0007One of our students, Ms. Meghana Bhoir had attended Be Frank session last year. As a result of which she alone enthusiastically conducted Be Frank- Be connected for students of Nursing, in her hostel. This can be considered as achievement of Be Frank Team.
This time we could also connect with Nagpur through our Be frank – Be connected. The main message that came out of this Be frank was, in a family may that be of our relatives or our own VSM family, we need sharing along with caring. That sharing can be of thoughts, books, or creativity, which is possible if we could connect with each other at individual level. In our VSM family we not only think about student’s educational growth but their overall growth too. Product of this thought is Be Frank.
Whenever students need that time out from their studies or need some refreshments of thoughts we come up with Be Franks like Be Frank-Be Cool. It was conducted on Aug 12th at our Borivali Branch. It helped students to understand how to live stress free and more than that how to tackle stress in life. This was done with the help of many creative activities followed by discussion among students and Be Frank team.
IMG-20190314-WA0010As they say end of one thing marks the beginning of other, similarly the end of this first quarter of academic year 2018-19 has rather ignited many brains for many ideas.
So we are ready to take on new challenges, to work with people of different nature, to be a team player and a leader too, to meet new faces, to ignite new minds, and to question ourselves and others.
So, are you also ready for this ride?