“Be yourself to be confident and be focused to be yourself.”
IMG-20190312-WA0003This line is exactly what we all tried doing in last four month’s Be Frank journey. Be yourself was the first step and this was the main theme of Be Frank’s taken in last quarter. Be Frank Be yourself was conducted at Thane, Borivali and Pune. The one question that every one was left with was who we are truly beside the name and the work we do ? And truth is we are our passion and the actions done to achieve something that truly makes us happy.

IMG-20190312-WA0005This Be Frank showed us that when we think about being ourselves, we will not have blank canvas to paint the beautiful picture of ourselves but that shouldn’t stop us from getting a masterpiece we dream out of that canvas. Whereas Be Frank Be confident was a great success in terms of pumping confidence into students of Nutan Vidyalaya Shahapur. Their confidence was clearly visible through the role play and advertisement they performed.

IMG-20190312-WA0011We all have heard, “Swapn aamuche, Karya aamuche Vidyaa Daan” this is the title song which represents our VSM’s motto and Be Frank members thought why not have fun just before exams for 10th standard students, who have done so much hard work to acquire this Vidya through out the year. This thought lead to the Be Frank Be Focused taken in Bandhalpada, a village in Murbad district. This Be Frank helped those students to understand true meaning of being focused to the goal through various fun activities. Activity named “Favourite and Unfavorite subjects” was much appreciated by students. This Be Frank showed us how this event is not just allowing us to connect to different people but reach their hearts too by sharing their tiffins with Be Frank members these students gave us not just an opportunity to have delicious food but unlocked their hearts too.

IMG-20190312-WA0009Be Frank is not just about a fun experience for students in or out of VSM, but it’s being a factory of innovation and creativity, where we  are experimenting with different ideas to play with like showing video clip in Be Frank event which will explain the gist of the theme or the idea of arranging Demo be franks. This idea of demo be frank has been a great success in terms of getting fresh ideas and new enthusiastic team members. VSM alumni students have also started taking active participation as facilitators. All this does sound exciting when we look forward to it’s collective impact.

Mark Twain once wrote ;
It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
We all have dreamt of mission 1000 and all the Be Frank team members are putting a big fight to achieve that through lot of creativity and enthusiasm, let’s hope the 750 students that we have reached till now will soon tern to 1000 and will go beyond that.