Become A Mentor

Mentor or “Karyakarta Palak” is a flagship concept of VSM wherein the volunteers take on an extended responsibility of providing the qualitative 360 Degree Support of a guardian which any student needs as much as financial aid for effective nurturing.

Karyakarta Palak as the word in Marathi Suggests, “Parent Volunteer” are the pillars to the core of VSM’s unique value proposition of all round nurturing to underprivileged student. Being a “Mentor” (Karyakarta Palak) is a matter of great responsibility thus also a matter of great pride and satisfaction. They act like a mirror to et their wards know their true potential and getting the best out of them. Each Karyakarta Palak is assigned a ward ( student) and their entire responsibility of the wards’ lies on the them and they act as their single point of contact. A Mentor guides them in all aspects, from personal , psychological, emotional, to educational and professional. VSM ensures that a volunteer is trained and supported properly before taking on the role of a Karyakarta Palak.

The details of the tasks that a Mentor(Karyakarta Palak) are involved in with their ward are as follows:

  • Understanding your ward and his family background, attitude towards education, home visit.
  • Contacting your ward weekly and making general conversations apart from studies.
  • Career guidance, looking for various options for your ward.
  • Checking possibilities of extra learning during vacation or part-time job.
  • Encourage the ward to attend personality development programs organized by VSM.
  • Keep track of their progress – academic and extra-curricular – and appreciate and encourage him/her for the same
  • Imbibe financial discipline in your ward – give a clear idea of his/her budget, see if he/she can work part time and support his/her own education, manage expenditure, timely claim settlement, etc.
  • Submit monthly report of your ward to Ahawal Committee

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