Become A Volunteer

Volunteers are the force behind each NGO, without whom, no NGO can fulfil its objective of serving the community and its purpose. Here at VSM, we are blessed to have great helping hands, striving hard for the cause and taking the baton forward.

We at VSM know that the volunteers are the ones responsible for serving our cause and taking our baton forward. We believe that Volunteers don’t get paid because they are priceless. We at VSM, encourage existing members and newcomers to attend our meetings and know us well to help us make the system more efficient. VSM functions in such a way that the talents of the volunteers are identifies and hones for the best interests of community.
Following is a list of few areas from many where, a volunteer can contribute:

  • Leveraging your expertise in Organizing, Accounting, IT and other disciplines
  • Driving Donor initiatives
  • Helping in improving coordination between VSM and the community
  • Allocating your precious time in empowerment and connect programs

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