It was for the first time on 13th October 2019 that VSM organized a workshop for its medical and paramedical students at Thane.

Mr. SubodhMr. Subodh Jathar welcomed all and told about the exponential growth of VSM Medico group over the years. The legacy began in 2014 with the enrollment of the first medical student, Dr. Jaikishan Patil who completed his MBBS from the prestigious B J Medical College, Pune. As of today, three students have completed their MBBS, 4 are doing internship & 37 are pursuing their degrees in medical and paramedical stream.

ArchanandAnitaDr. Anita Mokashi, our Medical Team Lead explained the very idea of “BEYOND THE PEAK”. In trekkers language, achieving one peak needs preparation, planning, practice and teamwork and once the first peak is conquered, surrounding peaks beckon you and then one has to again strive to conquer the next. Similarly, in the medical profession one must strive to look Beyond & try to scale number of peaks including the professional ones as well as take efforts to acquire & develop various soft skills required to become a good doctor and serve mankind.

Dr. Archana Damle introduced our invited panelists, each one being an expert in his own field viz. Dr. Atul Mokashi, Urologist, Dr. Purushottam Kand, Consultant, Nuclear Medicine, Dr. Ashwini Mokashi, anesthesiologist & Dr. Shailaja Jaywant occupational Therapist.

Skit 5The highlight of the workshop was the session wherein students performed skits on extremely important topics/situations which are encountered during their student life or as practicing clinicians.

The situations were as follows: 1. Attending road accident victim 2. Communicating with unhappy relatives 3. Communication amongst nurses, ward-boys, auxiliary staff  and doctors 4) Professional secrecy regarding certain medical conditions and 5. Treating chronic patients by physiotherapist.

Skit 1Individual skit presentation was followed by detailed analysis & discussion. Each situation was taken as an example & experts shared their views, experiences and guided the students about the do’s & don’t’s in each situation. The various  qualities important to become a good doctor were emphasized and shared by the panellist.  Some of the valuable inputs from the invited panellist were as below:

  • Proper idea about the condition of patient must be given to relative, do not give false commitments or false hope.
  • Whenever there is a big group with the patient, choose a mature, sensible relative and communicate with him.
  • Always obtain consent from a patient/patient’s relative and keep proper documentation of the course of events .
  • In a crowded hospital always give preference to emergency cases. Under political pressure, doctor’s confidence and positive body language is extremely important.
  • Professional secrecy must be maintained, one should understand & follow the guidelines strictly.
  • Along with honesty and integrity of the doctor, empathy & humanitarian approach is necessary.
  • Relationship of the doctor with other staff like nurses, wardboys etc must be very amicable, they are the ones who have great expertise out of experience.
  • Doctor should always think putting oneself in the patient’s shoes and possess empathy.
  • THERE IS NO COMPROMISE FOR KNOWLEDGE. If you are not sure, do not treat the patient and refer him to an expert.

The information VSM medical students received from the eminent panelist was truly commendable. No university can teach these real life skills useful for not only doctors but to every person present for the workshop. It was a beautiful example of how experience and integrity are the teachers in itself.

FacultyIn the post lunch session, Dr. Archana gave  detailed presentation & explained about the various career options & job openings after completion of MBBS. Career & job opportunities after OT/PT were covered by Dr. Shailaja Jaywant. On a lighter note, Dr. Anita and Dr. Archana  conducted a medical quiz which the students enthusiastically participated & enjoyed a lot.

Money matters specific to medical stream  were covered by Nivedita Joshi & Arpita Raut spoke about proper diet, regular exercises and meditation to cope up with the stress. The event concluded by singing VSM Song “Swapna Aamchae, Karya Aamachae VIDYADAAN….”

This first Medical workshop was high on content & a huge success with quality learnings & takeaways for our students.