IMG-20180913-WA0002On this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi the team VSM brought forth a unique idea to increase it’s outreach and add to its collections. The idea was to place handmade donation boxes near the Ganpati idols brought in at individuals’ residences who celebrate Ganesh festival at home. This way the team targeted to not only spread awareness about VSM and its activities amongst the people visiting our KPs and friends’ homes (to seek Ganpati Darshan) but also aimed to channelize the collections during the festivities towards VSM’s noble activities. Thus, the exercise was aptly coined ‘Utsavakadun Samajakade’ by Sudarshan Bhosale.

boxes in makingTo implement, the team led by Arpita Raut and support team of our commercial arts students Sagar Gade, Sudarshan Bhosale and Saurabh Tandel made 50 donation boxes with paper. Sagar Gade was the creative brain behind designing the aesthetic boxes.

IMG-20180915-WA0050As always, the VSM family demonstrated great enthusiasm in distributing these boxes to their relatives and friends, who celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi by welcoming Ganesha in their homes.
With God’s grace VSM was able to collect Rs. 95,622, through these collection boxes.
This whole exercise has elated all of us at VSM and inspired us to continue with our efforts towards our dedicated objective . Next year we are planning to take it to higher levels.