Foto 4“Coffee with Leaders” initiative kicked off with a very engaging session with Arunabh Kumar, an IITian who found zeal of life in movie making and content creation. Arunabh is an Entrepreneur & has worked from scratch to start his own Digital Company (The Viral Fever) which pioneered online content in India and is a super-hit YouTube channel watched by millions.

Arunabh chose to talk on” Career Options” and explained in depth the process of choosing a career and the methodology behind it. He took us through his own, very fascinating journey;  sharing  how he got into IIT, how IIT Kharagpur turned out to be very different from what he was expecting, how he found his passion for movie-making during his IIT stint, and then his struggle and success in media career.

Foto 2A total of twelve students/alumni from various streams were shortlisted to participate in the session During introductions, he asked each student what is that one thing they will do even if they don’t get a single paisa for it. Interesting combinations of academics and interest areas were observed.

Arunabh explained and discussed many important points, most of the times giving examples from his own life experiences:

  • Explore various options and try out different things till your 25th birthday and firm up what you want to do in life between 25 to 30 years of age.Keep searching/ asking till you get what you are looking for – no substitute to relentless pursuits
  • Invest in making choices, explore whatever excites you– speak with multi people who have done that before, use Google/ blogs, visit places/ people to get a feel of what you are getting into. We tend to limit searching within known dimensions – search what is not known
  • He said “Even I had to try multiple things before I came to know what exactly I wanted to do.  You may get excited with multiple things but once a specific thing clicks you become more serious about it”.
  • Even if we make a wrong career choice, try to find the common thread between what you are doing and what you want to do. Don’t have guilt of “If I had chosen a different career my life would be different” or “Wish I had known”, this should be eliminated. Go and get the experience of what you desire and then decide. Don’t live with regression.
  • Unexpected outcome can dishearten you momentarily but it can also lead to something  unexpected& interesting
  • Boring curve, routine fatigue and initial hardship is unavoidable in any job and regardless of how good you are at it. It is up to us to make it enjoyable.
  • Always talk with your elders, their life experience would add more value in our life
  • Time is luxury, so be the first movers, make mistakes and learn from them. Also, you don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself, learn from others mistakes/experience
  • “Patience” is key to everything. Have some patience, everything gonna fall in line, your problems are temporary.

Foto 3Arunabh discussed in detail the “Three Circle” method to narrow down the career choices according to ones abilities. They comprises of “I have to do” (responsibilities & liabilities), “I can do”(skills & abilities) & “I want to do” (Goals & desires). The choices that are part of at least two circles, can be consider as a career choice.  He asked every participant to do this exercise, to list down points under of these three circles and try to work towards the Centre where all three circles interlink.

It was an informal and interactive session sprinkled with light humor and good exchange of ideas/ thoughts. Arunabh’s honest and high on content narration went down very well with the students.

Student Testimonial:

Foto 6Everyone was so excited as TVF is one of the most successful You Tube channel India. VSM provided this wonderful opportunity to meet such lovely person. We were so eager to know the journey of Arunabh, former IITian to film maker, content writer.

Arunabh Kumar really made us think and gave us lot of insights. I believe such event will definitely prove helpful to our students. Very soon may we would have Coffee with upcoming VSM leaders. I am very thankful to VSM, for organizing such productive event… Pawan Wadhe (VSM Alumni & Volunteer)