The Commerce Career Guidance Team was formed in 2017 and has evolved since then.  This was the first time that Orientation workshop, exclusively for new students of commerce stream, was held on 2.11.2019 (Sunday) from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm at Thane.

The attendance was 100% with 32 new students, 4 Mentors & 6 career guidance team members. During self-introduction of students, it was noted that either students were not sure about their goals or they only had goals but they don’t have detail information about the same or proper plans to achieve the goals set.

Foto 1The Session covered overview of Commerce stream with introduction of sub streams under it, subjects covered, selection of optional subjects, parameters of scoring good marks, tips for effective studies, time management, Goal setting – Short term and Long term, challenges in achieving the goals set & ways and means of overcoming the same. Finally, brief introduction of various career options /courses offered under main stream was also given.

Afterwards the role of Commerce Career guidance team in terms of organizing doubt solving lectures & workshops , one to one counselling & exploring various courses as well as part time job opportunities was explained to students.

Foto 2Students gave the feedback that this session was useful as many doubts, wrong notions about the career options got cleared. They could get the idea about how much efforts one has to put in to do effective study for the career option which they have chosen & the various avenues/support system which they can make use of. Similarly, how they should set and work upon short term goals for the year in order to achieve long term goals of life.

At the end, students were asked to write down their long & short term goals.  Identify weaknesses, chalk out how to overcome them and how would they now plan to achieve their goals & share this information with their mentors.