CV Writing & Getting Ready for an Interview

Foto 1With an objective to enable our students to understand importance of CV writing and how to prepare for an interview, a workshop was conducted by Deepali Sirpotdar Jathar on 16th June 2019 at Thane. Aim was also to understand & address the challenges faced by them regarding same, in an interactive manner.

Following topics were covered: 1. Why do we need a CV? 2. A good CV-bad CV 3. Positioning for the opportunity 4. Success mantra–Self awareness, confidence, communication & Facing the Interview- preparation (dress code, about the company, about the role, about self), interview & follow up

Foto 2The session was conducted with good interaction by participants. As the group included freshers as well as experienced participants, we touched upon topics from both perspectives. Concept of personal branding was discussed and explored.

Participants had shared their present CVs and the ways in which those CVs can be developed further was  discussed. The linkage between a CV and expected interview questions, experience of working with NGOs or for social cause or college groups, mention of strengths and weaknesses and articulation was discussed.

Foto 3As part of the discussion on various selection techniques, Group Discussion as a technique which is used at campus interviews or walk in interviews and few other  techniques to effectively present self were also covered.

Pointers related to non- verbal communication were explained. Mock question answer conversations on specific topics of discussion were conducted to give the participants a first hand experience of communication and presentation techniques.

This session of one on one guidance was enjoyed & very well appreciated by the participants.

Feedback from Students:

It was excellent session. Covered many things I didn’t know about, in simple words it was outstanding and very useful to all of us…..Vishal Malik

Deepali madam gave us good guidance & direction on how the CV should be reflection of one’s own personality. She also told how to tackle challenging questions & that clarity in mind give positive mindset and confidence to face interviews…Karan Pardesi