They say, “Necessity is mother of inventions”. One of such invention came to us as a result of the nation-wide lock-down due to COVID-19.

Since lock-down most of the activities are shifted to the online platform, that lead our Be Frank team to come up with an idea of “e-katta”, where Be Frank sessions will be conducted in online mode. As this new venture was based on its relevance with the changing times, the team immediately came up with a “Be Frank Be Relevant” theme, this was a common theme for all the e-katta sessions conducted this quarter. The main idea behind introducing e-katta was that all students should be introduced to the online user interface and learn how to interact through it.

Screenshot (482)Be frank e-katta” was totally an online forum that we created and hence all the discussions and activities, even the documentation, every little bit of it was done in the virtual or digital realm. Hence, most of our regular ways of conducting activities had to be modified in order to fit this new format. After conducting 4 demo sessions within the team and taking necessary feed-backs, suggestions and critique from all members activities were fixed. As and when we conduct more and more sessions and receive more feed-backs from the students, we keep making modifications in all the activities.

All these activities gave every participant the opportunity to experience the work-ability of this new digital interface. It will surely help them in boosting their confidence to interact on other online academic forums. So, it has been a learning process throughout where we all constantly keep sharing and discussing how we can do better.

IMG-20200709-WA0000Total 5 sessions conducted of Be relevant theme and students have choice to attend any one session. The format is online so we cover all branch students in Google meet link.

12th July – Shubham Sakpal & Jayshree Baviskar

19th July – Priyanka Gorle & Nityanad Deshmukh

26th July – Divya Sarmalkar & Vinisha Kuckiyan

2nd August – Durga Mandhare & Saili Kadam

9th August – Satyajit Patil & Dnyaneshwari Sarkhot

The main challenges we had to face were based on internet connectivity issues as most of the students and team members do not have access to proper internet connections. This led to risk of delay in few of our sessions but since we had already conducted demo sessions, hence we were well prepared for all of these challenges. Another major aspect of e-katta was the methods of conducting and re-shaping basic activities and modifying them into effective online activities. After many discussions and many smaller demo sessions and trial runs of all the activities, we were able to successfully conduct most of these activities with maximum participation.

Screenshot (443)The response of students was very positive and encouraging. 150 students participated in this program.  We collected online feedback from all participants. Many of the students could connect e-katta theme with their academic as well as personal goals. Students highly rated this event and appreciated innovative ideas and games. 19th July e-katta program conducted by Priyanka and Nityanand got 98% rating. Students liked this program tremendously. (As perfectly executed and memorable program.) Students not only shared their learnings, suggestions but wanted to join Team Be Frank to understand this process of planning.

This time we introduced new team members as a facilitator in each e-katta session. For next quarter, we are continuing with e-katta model, for which “Be Frank Be Mindful” theme has been decided. Being mindful is necessity for any being, we strongly feel it can help our VSM students to Be Frank and to Be Mindful, especially during times like these.

For now, stay safe and stay healthy and Be Mindful.

Signing out

Team Be Frank