The objective of the workshop was to guide students to choose right career options in engineering after graduation .Through various activities we focused on empowering students with positive attitude and right decision making abilities. Keeping in view the industry requirements the workshop was designed for preparing the students as entry level Graduate Engineer.

On 7th Jan 2018, a workshop was conducted for the engineering students. Total 20 students were present.  Considering the lesser job opportunities in the field of engineering and the fact that many students find it difficult to clear the Aptitude test round which is the first step in any recruitment process, this time emphasis was given on various career options and preparation for the aptitude test.

After the self-introduction round, Swati Khare gave a presentation on various job opportunities available, cutoff score of various PCUs, careers other than engineering field, the soft skills the students must acquire while studying engineering, and the extracurricular activities necessary for strengthening their CV.

IMG-20180107-WA0056Then the students were given a sample Aptitude Test paper for solving and thereafter all the sums were solved for the students with detail explanation and their doubts were solved. From the level of difficulty of the paper, the students understood the seriousness of preparation for Aptitude Test.

There was an interview of our past student Pawan Wadhe who has started his own trading business. This was really the high point of the workshop. His interview really proved that entrepreneurs are born and not made. On realizing that nothing much is being taught in college and he is actually wasting time, he started his trading business right in the third year engineering itself. He started with trading of domestic electrical fittings as one of his distant relatives was manufacturing it. By the time he finished his college, he had already established himself. Now he supplies the fittings to some reputed builders in Nashik for some big construction projects. He has also diversified as an interior decorator. He explained with figures how he works much lesser and earns many times compared to a salaried person. The students were almost dumbstruck by his confidence, oratory and out of box thinking.

Thereafter there was a lunch break and then we started with group discussion. We first explained the do’s and don’ts in group discussion and asked the interested students studying in 3rd and 4th year to come forward for the discussion. The topic given was ‘good and bad effects of social media’. It was concluded with assessment of performance of every participant.

Then three of our students who have secured jobs in campus interviews were called to share their experiences. Shakila Shaikh, Urvi Paithankar and Amol Golvankar explained how they prepared for aptitude test, group discussion and also narrated actual experiences of the interviews.

IMG-20180107-WA0064Then there was the session of Mock interviews. Only the students in 4th year who have not secured job yet and students from 3rd year were interviewed. The interviews for Civil Engineering were conducted by Mrs. Vibhavari Joshi and those of IT/Comp Sc. students were conducted by Shraddha Ranade. The students faced the interviews with better confidence compared to last two year and the interviewers had nothing to complain about their performance.

The feedback from the students was very encouraging:

Hemant: Workshop was really very helpful for all of us. We got much knowledge about various available opportunities for us after BE. Then session with Pawan’s experience of business startup was awesome. Group discussion & mock interviews were really very helpful for all. Really nice experience

Urvi: The Workshop was very well conducted with useful information delivered in an efficient manner. It provided insights of the various career options available for degree engineering students, coupled with mock interviews which will impact students in VSM in big positive ways.

Shakila : The workshops taken by VSMVSM are relevant for us all.I found it really interesting(as expected!).All workshops are useful to us it gives us an opportunity to share and understand different creative ideas.