English Day is a much – awaited annual event at VSM. Jan 6, 2019, saw the fourth such event organized by the English Team of VSM.

The English Day is an event where students get their own platform to speak English, where mistakes are not ridiculed, and where the effort to perform is appreciated more than the performance itself.

IMG_9154The Guest Speaker invited was Ms Seema Oka, who is a busy corporate trainer in English Communication. Yet, she took the effort to personally meet some of our students to gauge their level of English, before speaking to them on English Day. Her talk reflected her understanding of the students’ background, their limitations and their fear of the language. No wonder then, those students instantly related to her talk and had a lively interaction with her.

IMG_9232Debates between students were conducted to an overwhelming response. It was heartening to hear the students put forth their views, in a confident and firm manner..

The surprise event was a debate between students and VSM volunteers. Students stood their ground firmly and were cheered wholeheartedly by one and all.

IMG_9254This was followed by a fun – game for students, where they were required to guess a word by asking 15 questions. It was enjoyed by everyone.

The grand finale was the Prize – distribution. Prizes were given to the best debate speakers and to the winners of the word game.

GR PHOTOThis year saw a record attendance of 70 students and 40 volunteers. Such wholehearted response encourages our students to work harder in improving the language.