The eagerly awaited annual English Day was celebrated on April 29, 2018.

The event was started three years back, with the purpose to provide a platform for our students to express their thoughts in English in front of a familial audience. This was sought to create awareness for improving the language and boosting their confidence.

20180508_20175956 students participated in the Extempore Elocution Competition. This year saw a marked increase in the number of participants, level of confidence and also improvement in delivery of thoughts in English. The students from all the VSM  branches and their mentors participated in the event enthusiastically.


IMG_7384Winners of the competition were rewarded with prizes. The judges of the Elocution summed up their observation about the same, mentioning a few suggestions.

A video message from VSM alumnus, Suraj Telang, was then screened. His is an incredible journey from a remote village in Maharashtra to the University Of London for his PhD, on Felix Scholarship. The intention was to bring to the students, his struggles and success in mastering the language. The impact was definitely seen on the awe-struck students.

IMG_7151Our Speaker for the day was Ms.Meenal Paranjpe. She is well known for her work in the field of improving English Communication skills of vernacular students. In her candid interview, she gave simple guidelines as to why and how our students can go about the same. She stressed on developing Marathi vocabulary even before trying to develop English vocabulary.

VSM has been running an English  Speaking Course since last year. A detailed evaluation was presented thereof.  Students under the Project were felicitated as an appreciation for their efforts.

skitsTwo short skits in English were performed to provide some healthy entertainment.

The success story of Suraj gave the students a ray of hope that it is possible for them too, to improve their English, with dedicated efforts on their part.

Ms Paranjpe’s simple tips helped the students to believe it can be done. In fact, some of our students have already started adopting the methods of something as simple as reading English newspapers regularly, and watching English channels on TV.

SpeakersWe have a long way to go still. Well begun is half done, they say, and we hope to build on this. We are aiming to increase the chances of shaping better careers for our students with improved English communication adding to their good academic records.

VSM has a dedicated English Team working towards this goal.

VSM students & mentors found English Day very helpful and felt that the learning’s they had will go with them a long way in life.


Durga Lokhande(student) : I liked Ms. Paranjape’s interview which was very inspiring. I will definitely follow her advice of listening to English news and videos program to improve my English.

Dr. Kamath(mentor): At last my palya  has taken seriously  to learn English  after English day program. On his own  he has realized and  bought  English newspaper and  started reading for 20 min.. every day. Thanks to the English Day program which really motivated him.