English Day the much  awaited annual event at VSM organized by the English team was held on  Feb.02, 2020. The event was attended by 110 students, 15 KP’s & 8 Guests.

AudienceThis Year’s Theme was-‘   Connect with English’- The Global Language, thereby empowering VSM students in the modern world, besides enabling them to attain their goals prescribed under VSM’s unique program called ‘ALPS’ (Academic, Learning, Personality and Social initiate) by connecting and achieving proficiency and skills in the English language.

The Event was a Fun Carnival with Performances, Competition, Games…By the Students, for the Students and of the Students with Lots of Learning and Sharing.

Student performance 1Performances by our students:

  1. Students from Spoken English Class of Thane branch (30 Students) collectively performed a Street Play ‘English-English Everywhere’ from the initial stage of “I don’t like English” to its finale, namely, “Learning English” .
  2. Students from Borivali Branch presented a Poem from “Geetanjali” written by Rabindranath Tagore “Where the Mind is Without any Fear’’
  3. A skit based on the famous story by O. Henry ‘The Last Leaf’ was enacted by the Medical students.
  4. Pune Students performed a Skit ‘Importance of English’. It essentially emphasized the need and benefit of learning English for better job opportunities and career advancement.

Chief guestThe Chief Guest was Mrs. Lakshmi Murthy, (CHRO) of the ITM Group of Institutions

  • Chief Guest began her session by slowly encouraging the students themselves to come up with the answer as to why they were afraid to communicate in English.
  • The fear of failure or being judged were identified as the primary reasons for non-communication in English; the chief guest suggested many effective techniques for overcoming the same e.g. writing down the words that students come across in a conversation and do not understand, using dictionary or even their smartphones to find the meaning of those words and then effectively using those newly learnt words while having conversation with others.
  • She also suggested Funnel approach i.e. starting with generic terms and narrowing to the specific. She suggested students can write an essay on a topic the next day can write precise of the same to improve writing skills.
  • She conducted a question answer session with students with the help of a video as to how to communicate with a stranger. She shared a technique of of 4 W’s-Why, What, When, Where & 1-H How can be used to have a conversation.

Then was the turn of Group Activities, namely – Debates, Discussions and Picture Reading Description.

The groups and activities were arranged and conducted in such a holistic manner that each student who was present for the Event day was whole-heatedly able to participate besides getting a chance to speak individually.

The students’ presentations were readily appreciated by the audience as amazing, displaying high standard of creativity; not only were they able to clearly express their thoughts and feelings, but in addition, they were able to present solutions to the problems. It was delightful to be able to watch their performance.

Borivli students’ performed a  role-play  on the topic ‘Say No To Carry -bag, But Carry a Bag.

Thane students’ presentation emphasized on the necessity of, and appealed to the students, to always carry a spoon with them to avoid the use of plastic spoon.

Prize DistributionThe (members of the) Winning Group were felicitated by the chief guest. All the participants were gifted with an eco-friendly cloth carry-bag.

Ms. Neesh Moholkar and Ms. Ashwini Limaye thereafter shared their views on the English Team’s contribution towards attaining the ALPS goal by every student present. They thanked Ms. Amita Shah, the backbone of all English activities in VSM, from the very beginning stage itself to the present day, for her valuable contribution, support and encouragement to the English Team.

Mr. Raj Kandagale, a VSM, Thane student submitted that he was already following the guidelines laid down by the chief guest, which included the exercise of noting down new words and usage of Google helpdesk app to ascertain meanings of words and expressions; that moreover, this app laid stress on their correct pronunciation.

Mr. Chirag Vidhate  a VSM student said “ I  loved the performances & the speech by Chief Guest was interactive, and with lots of do’s which can be easily implemented  for improving  English & the Group activities were creative.’’

The event’s proceedings were aptly summed up by Ms. Geeta Shah, Trustee & Founder of VSM.  She expressed her happiness about the students’ participation and positive response; this was an indication that the VSM students are learning English, want to improve and are helped by well-trained resource persons of the English team; she also avidly spoke of the team’s efforts to connect the event to ALPS goals.

Overall English Day 2020 was Journey of Students towards Attaining their ALPS Goal by Connecting with English- The Global Language.