Over the last few years, VSM has been positively embracing Digital Solutions. All reporting now takes place in Word/Excel and Excel is being used extensively by various core committees at VSM, some of them being Ahawal, PE, Admissions, etc. Thus, a need for an Excel Skills upgrade program was felt. This workshop was the first session in a series of Excel Zero to Hero program and was conducted on 2nd June 2019 by Saurabha Joglekar at Thane. Eight VSM Committee members attended same.

The workshop started at 10am with all the participants excited to dive deep into the Excel ecosystem. The participants were a mix of people with basic knowledge of Excel to absolute first timers. The session covered the following topics:

  • Excel Data types
  • Types of Cell References
  • Important Excel Shortcuts
  • Important Formulae
  • Pivot tables
  • vlookup
  • A short demo of Macros

The workshop ended at 2.30pm with all the participants totally exhausted yet happy with the new gained knowledge. Throughout the workshop each committee member tried to relate the topic being taught to the issues that they face while working on VSM Data. It was really wonderful to see committee members taking keen interest to solve their data issues and help in better functioning of VSM, thus achieving a common goal #vsm4education. The trainer guided them through their data issues and advised them on how to address them.

All participants parted ways on a positive note with a request to organize more just Excel sessions.