Acknowledging and accepting the fact that ‘fellowship’ could be one form of career option, the Arts Career Guidance Team of VSM conducted a session on the same. The session was held in the form of a google meet on 10th April 2021 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. More than 35 participants from across the branches of VSM participated in this session and Smt. Meena Tai Gokhale, VSM mentor from Pune branch was the speaker.

Most of our final year students are at a ‘crossroad’ at this very juncture of their lives and the most common paths followed are to either pursue post-graduation or else start working.  However, an additional alternative that one could resort to is a ‘fellowship’. ‘Fellowship’ refers to working for a specified period of time (largely for the development sector) with or without stipend, on the basis of certain conditions.

Fellowships are broadly classified into Academic, Research and Work fellowships. The present session focused primarily on Academic and Work fellowships as detailed below.

Academic Fellowships:

  • Young India Fellowship: It is a fellowship provided by the Ashoka University of Haryana. It is an one year course demanding graduation and an age less than 28 years. Selection process involves online application of essays followed by telephonic interview, comprehensive test and face-to-face interview 2) Urban Fellowship: It is provided by IIHS, Bengaluru. It is a 10 months fellowship in which 8 months are devoted to classroom and 2 months are meant for internship. The eligibility demands graduation and an age less than 30 years. It provides stipend. The admission process involves an online application in which two essays are to be submitted, further accompanied by an interview and 3) Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship: It is provided by both MSDE and IIM. It is a 2 years fellowship involving both classroom and district level field immersion. A graduate from any discipline with age range 21-30 years is eligible to apply. The admission incorporates multiple choice written test followed by a personal interview.


Work Fellowships:

1) Teach For India Fellowship: It is a 2 years full-time fellowship in which the candidate is required to work in cities of India. Work involves teaching in government schools or other schools to underprivileged students. A support of Rs. 20,000 along with housing allowance (if required) is provided. The admission involves online test, telephonic interview, delivering of lecture, group discussion and final interview; 2) Gandhi Fellowship (Education Sector): It is a two years fellowship initiated by the Piramal Group. Any person enrolling is required to work in various locations of 14 states of India for which support of Rs. 14,000 is granted. The eligibility demands graduation with age range 21-26 years. The admission process involves an online aptitude test followed by an interview. Ms. Harshala Bagrao, VSM alumna, shared her experience of pursuing this fellowship. Harshala enrolled for this fellowship after pursuing her B.A. According to her, while pursuing a fellowship, people of diverse backgrounds come together due to which various new perspectives are observed and learned; 3) SBI- YFI (Youth For India) Fellowship: Various areas such as women empowerment, renewable energy, energy sector and many more are covered under this fellowship. It involves working with reputed NGOs of India. Candidates enrolling for this fellowship are posted for 13 months in rural locations. The age range is 21- 32 years. The admission process involves online application. Mr. Mahesh Lade shared his experience of being both a fellow and a mentor of this fellowship. Mr. Lade is orginally an engineer who is now working in a completely different arena and 4) Nirman: Youth For Purposeful Life Fellowship: It was started by Dr. Rani Bang and Abhay Bang at Gadchiroli campus. It is associated with the education arena. The eligibility demands graduation. The admission process involves an application form and an introspective questionnaire, later accompanied by an interview. The major location is Gadchiroli of Maharashtra.

In conclusion, participants got a clear idea about “Fellowship” as a career option and made the students to think about going for same in future.

Testimonials from two TYBA VSM students:

  • “I gained confidence to apply for three fellowships after attending this session”

 Rupali Sokande


  • “The session helped me to understand that fellowship provides an opportunity to do something new in life” Sujata Dhanke