Become A Donor

​Quality utilisation of every penny is at the core of VSM, and that’s why we strive hard to live up to the expectation of our Donors so that they can see the perceptible changes their contribution brings to the lives of VSM students. Any one interested can donate any amount of money in forms of cash, cheque or Wire transfer or Sponsor a student, as per the following details. All donations are subject to tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act.

Become A Volunteer

​We at VSM know that the volunteers are the ones responsible for serving our cause and taking our baton forward. We believe that Volunteers don’t get paid because they are priceless. We at VSM, encourage existing members and newcomers to attend our meetings and know us well to help us make the system more efficient. VSM functions in such a way that the talents of the volunteers are identifies and hones for the best interests of community

Become a Mentor

Karyakarta Palak as the word in Marathi Suggests, “Parent Volunteer” are the pillars to the core of VSM’s unique value proposition of all round nurturing to underprivileged student. Being a “Mentor” (Karyakarta Palak) is a matter of great responsibility thus also a matter of great pride and satisfaction. They act like a mirror to et their wards know their true potential and getting the best out of them. Each Karyakarta Palak is assigned a ward ( student) and their entire responsibility of the wards’ lies on the them and they act as their single point of contact. A Mentor guides them in all aspects, from personal , psychological, emotional, to educational and professional. VSM ensures that a volunteer is trained and supported properly before taking on the role of a Karyakarta Palak.

Assist A Project

​Most of us want to contribute to social change but are restricted by our daily life commitments. In order to be able to still help, VSM runs a program called “Assist a Project”, where anyone can help in one of our ongoing projects with whatever time and skills that they have.

​E.g.If you are a photographer or a designer and even if you have one free day, you can choose from our project list and assist us in covering our event with your photography or update our website using your graphic design skills