Student AudienceNineteen students of VSM (17 MBBS students and 2 Occupational Therapy students) attended the camp, “In vacation, One week for the  Nation” at from  22nd January to 30th January 2019. This camp was organized by Sevankur, Aurangabad to inculcate medical ethics and social responsibility in medical students.

Students were very impressed with the discipline and detailed planning in organizing this camp for 300 students. The train journey was utilized to teach students to do small surveys and to learn few Tamil words needed for communication in medical camps.

LectureThe most popular sessions were:
1) One life, one mission by Padmashri  Nivedita Bhide. Her statements” Meaningful life is always successful but successful life may not be meaningful, Success  is always proportional  to time and energy given for it, One should always focus on goals and should not stop until it is achieved” left a lasting  impression on our students.
2)Mr. Surana’s session on communication. Prejudice has negative effect on communication, respecting  others and understanding others improves communication was explained by him effectively.
3) Mr Subramanium’s session on medical ethics was impressive.  His voice modulation, his precision,  his respect of time has left an impact on students.

VSM studentsAll the students actively participated in the medical camps in various villages under the guidance of their senior group leaders. Apart from the “Hands on” clinical training, the students realized  that when you master the language of humanity and have love and care for others, language is no bar for communication.

The student spent one day with  allocated Tamil families. The language barrier did not deter them from developing  strong, permanent bonds with the family.

With VillagersAt the end of the camp, some had got confidence to talk, some were happy to get new family, some  realized language is no bar for communication, some were impressed by the micro planning and discipline , some were impressed by the simplicity of senior doctors.

The social and emotional quotient of every student was elevated. Empathy was prominent over sympathy and the camp helped to inculcate various soft skills in students which is need of the hour & will be of great use in their future medical pursuits.

Students Reactions:

“Mesmerizing!”, “It was one week for self” ,  “The best moments of my life” , “We will leave this world more beautiful than what we have inherited”, “Our life will be meaningful!” , were few highlighting comments of our students after the camp.