A workshop for VSM Volunteers & Mentors was held on 22nd April, 2018 at Thane.
Theme: Process Probing For Achieving Excellence & Going Beyond
Each process probing is a great help for SWOT analysis of VSM as a whole.
The event started with a great positive energy, 149  volunteers & 18 alumni students participated in the workshop.

 Session One

20180504_221106The thought behind the workshop theme was explained to all and the first session was the update of Career Guidance Teams. Guidance + Coaching + Talent is being judiciously followed in VSM to assist students achieve their best.

Going beyond:  Three case studies were shared with the volunteers where turbulences turned into strengthening bonds, this is the real growth of KP, student and the family.

Why am I in VSM? Thoughts were shared by volunteers where they mentioned that Mentoring at VSM REALLY ADDS VALUE TO ONE’S EXISTANCE.

20180504_213112In line with the workshop theme various teams did the process probing of their area of work & presented same. The guidelines for laptop allocation to the students & for residential camps were informed. VSM publishes a quarterly News Bulletin “VSM Connect” for reaching to all our stakeholders. To increase readership the link of VSM Connect is now posted on VSM Website, Twitter & FB with simpler PDF format.

359_Hostel PolicyOur Hostel lead Mr. Arun Pendharkar prepared the “Hostel Management Policy” which was handed over to VSM. The BE-FRANK team has set a target to reach out to 1000+ school students including those at Shahapur.

 Session Two

 Team Probing:

Taking Suspense Out of Suspense Account & ensuring Value for Money (Pune Team): Role play was performed to explain how systems are strictly followed and how Financial Discipline is imbibed.

Importance and benefits of Earn while you Learn was also highlighted by a role play.

HOME VISITS (Borivali Team): In depth probing of the students home visit process was done & suggestions like need for Pre-Admission/more home visits, frequent communication with the parents etc were given.

20180504_213043Shahapur Monthly Meetings (Shahapur Team): Many challenges are faced by the Shahapur branch, these include large number of students, very few volunteers, far flung residences of students, handling accounts etc. Hence more volunteers are need of the hour. Also, the meetings become very routine and students don’t find them interesting. Suggestions to make meetings more effective viz. invite biological parents, group discussion & sessions like TED talk, participation of more volunteers from Thane etc. were put forth.

Role play for CSR Donations & Volunteering:  Role plays were performed related to CSR and VIP donors and donation for corpus fund. How to approach the donors, what information the volunteer should have about VSM, how to effectively interact for the donation etc. were conveyed very effectively. Another role play showed how to convert a friend into VSM Volunteer.

 Session Three

 FOCUSED GROUP DISCUSSION on various topics for Effective working.


  1. To Improve VSM Committee functioning: Clear defining of leads, roles, induction of new member, no of heads required. alumni in each committee, better &periodic communication.FGDCollage
  2. Effective Career Guidance: Aptitude test, career guidance after 10th, job oriented courses.
  3. Better Bonding of Outstation Students: KP role is important, region wise calendar events
  4. Donation in kind: Check utility & accept, maintain computerized record of receipts
  5. Effective hostel working: More involvement of KP/student communication, suggestion box
  6. Strengthen Alumni &their support: More involvement, value feedback, utilize their expertise
  7. Library Management – Database of books-brief description, encourage Free-e books reading.
  8. New volunteer’s orientation: Felt the need for orientation workshop, more effective website
  9. Residential Shibir and VEDH etiquettes: Clear instructions of rules, cleanliness of place by student, penalty for cancellation, bad behavior to be reported in performance evaluation
  10. Social media for VSM visibility and outreach. Promote LinkedIn Sharing of events on FB
  11. Better Bonding of KP & Student: consider STUDENT as friend, share failures for better communication, have patience, teach students to respect biological parents & to accept ‘NO’.


Digital VSMDigital VSM: Importance of a good VSM website, the professional help taken & the final result of the cohesive team work was shared. The major content & layout changes were highlighted & the VSM Website in its “NEW AVATAR” was officially launched.

Importance of Digital media was explained & an appeal was made to all to be more active, which will help improve VSM’s presence on Social Media.

The program concluded with summarizing the day events & a vote of thanks.