Theme: ‘KP Empowerment & Importance of Communication in Mentoring” for Collective Growth.

For the first time in VSM a workshop was conducted specifically for KP’s on Sunday, 17th Nov, 2019.

94 Mentors and 6 Managing Committee Members attended the workshop.

collage1The Class for Mentor’s- started with a warm welcome by Jyoti  Patwardhan , sharing with everyone the need of Karyakarta Palak (KP)  Empowerment to Achieve the ultimate VSM Goal: “Empowered Student -Empowered Nation”. She stated how Bhau (Founder of VSM) took inspiration, & came up with concept of KP & has foreseen it’s significance that we are celebrating ‘Karyakarta Palak Din’ in VSM today.

Swati Agate took everyone through memory lane of earlier VSM days and reviewed how the role of KP has evolved, from a duty to self-introspection and to a continuous process of learning. She emphasized that Empathy, Communication Skills and Bond Development with palyas are the essentials of KP’s Role.

collage2Dr. Anita Mokashi shared  effective & apt Video Clipping- ‘Make an Impact’- Kids always connect with someone, who cares gives them attention, love and guides them- It was shared that 90% of the kids who are mentored well love to mentor other kids when they grow old and the relay of mentoring goes on & on.

A detailed sharing of Do’s for financial discipline were explained by Nivedita Joshi. She stressed the need of exact budgeting, timely intimation for money disbursement & clearing of suspense account. This must be done on priority basis & record of the same also must be kept by KP& student.

Meenal InterviewMr. Anil Harolikar interviewed KP- Meenal Dandavate (a perfect example of “Distant Mentoring”) who in spite of her travels across the globe is effectively able to connect and mentor her Palyas. A good sharing was done as how she used technology, the KP Network and students help to execute House Visit, for accurate budgeting, and bringing the best from her palyas.

Role Plays to help KP to introspect and communicate better with their Palya’s were performed by Vandana Shirke (negative role) & Dr. Anita Mokashi(positive role). The role plays conveyed exactly how the words, the message, the attitude & tone, the way of expressing by KP with student can be more positive, friendly & caring to bring desired change in the student’s behavior resulting in better bonding.

Swati Samant & Saurabh Joglekar updated KP’s on one Shop VSM Data Information, explained the Portal iVSM & Future iVSM2022. Q&A session helped KP’s to solve their queries.

ALPS (Academic, Learning, Personality & Social) Goals for KP’s

A new concept of setting the ALPS goals of students was introduced this year. However, it is important for the KP’s to understand the basic concept & correctly guide the students to set their goals.

Hence, a detailed session on “ALPS Goals for KP’s “was conducted in this workshop.

Audience‘A’ (Academics) in ALPS was explicitly explained by Dr. Archana Damle. As VSM is an education based NGO, it is evaluated on the basis of its academic achievements & hence “A” academics is the core of VSM which is strongly supported by the L, P & S. The information of various Career Teams, stream specific joint Orientation programs & meetings for students & KP’s for increased participation & interactions was emphasized. Active KP participation in all these is the key to set and achieve the academic goals of the student.
The ‘L’ for Learning & prioritizing Goals was described by Varsha Joshi giving examples she herself encountered during mentoring.

‘P’ for Personality & ‘S’ for Social was explained by Rajita Sawant  & Dr. Anita Mokashi

Rajita stated how Personality Development can be a together growth for Mentor and Mentee and both can benefit from each other strengths. She also emphasized effective listening and encouraging student for finding out solutions to the issues. Strengths & Weaknesses of the Mentors and Mentees can be worked on to improve ‘P’ jointly.

‘S’ is important for social awareness and realize their duties towards the same.

ALPS in VSM- Path & the process

Parag Rede who was the brain behind introducing “ALPS” to VSM, guided & conducted Q&A Session on the same in his very fluid & friendly manner. The audience had number of questions & queries about how to set up these goals for their palyas & they asked number of questions & were very satisfied with the answers & information given by Parag.

He insisted the Goal must be of Student & KP must be in supportive Role. He explained how it’s a continuous process & this session was really the highlight of the workshop.

Case Studies:

FDGIn the second half some intricate “Case Studies” were given to the different KP groups. KP’s discussed the same from various angles & presented their cases along with possible solutions. The cases were actual cases seen in VSM & the pointers will really help in understanding the situations & also provide guidance for handling them effectively.

Mrs. Jyoti Patwardhan made a PPT presentation designed by Aditi Pandit on “VSM Approach towards KP Empowerment’’ It shared various tools & platform VSM gives for KP Empowerment- to ensure appropriate & cautious use of them by KP’s.

MC membersMC Members shared their Updates & their contribution on the Various Activities of VSM.

The Workshop Theme, Strategy, Content and its way of Execution was perfectly done by the Workshop Team lead by Jyoti Patwardhan with the guidance of Geeta Shah and with expert inputs from Dr. Shubha Thatte madam.

group fotoIt was revealed that Case studies, Concept of ALPS, Communication Techniques were highlights of the workshopAttending the Workshop was an Enriching Experience for KP’s to introspect and helped everyone with a tool for Collective Growth Of KP’s Student’s and VSM family as a ‘Whole’.


Meera Bhagwat (Mentor- Aurangabad Branch): “It was my first experience that will last forever. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the workshop. Happy to spend the whole day with VSM family.”

Suparna Belgaonkar (Mentor- Thane Branch):  I never liked setting Goals thinking them “Academic” but I learnt that Parag’s strategy can be implemented for day to day activities, thoughts, skills, to grow together’’.