STEP Conference

The World Social Work Day recognizes the hard work and diligence of social workers throughout the world. We celebrated it by organizing a STEP (Social work Theory to Effective Practice) Conference on 27th March 2022 bringing together ~150+ audiences comprising of social work students and social work professionals from all over Maharashtra.

Our goal was to bring together bright minds to share ideas focused to foster learning, and to provoke conversations that matter. Moreover, the Conference aspired to get an insight from various eminent speakers and panelists on the divide between social work knowledge and practice, the ways to narrow this divide and how to enhance the capabilities of Social Work students. The full day (10am-4pm) virtual event was curetted by the Social Work team of VSM.

Highlights of the event

  • Inaugural speech by Dr. Prashant Narnavare, IAS, Commissioner of Social Welfare & Justice, Pune
  • 3 Keynote speeches, 6 eminent panelists
  • Social Work students’ presentations
  • Gallery walk of students’ e-posters
  • Several interactive opportunities and Q&A sessions
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Dene Samajache

“Artistry” from Pune had organised a novel, but different kind of an event called “Dene Samajache ” at Thane on 26th and 27th February 2022. For the past 17 years “Artistry” has been successfully organising Dene Samajache event in Pune where various organisations/ working groups/ NGOs have been presenting the selfless work they have been doing for the Society thereby drawing the attention of common man and the Society at large towards the plight of the needy, poor and deserving section of people. This year, for the first time the event was held in Thane at the CKP hall. ~25 NGOs / working groups mostly from rural parts of Maharshtra participated in the event.

The event was inaugurated by noted Marathi writer, Professor Pravin Davane. In his Inaugural speech, Prof. Davane Sir lauded the efforts of Organisers and Participants in bringing awareness to the society that every member of the society as an individual owes something to Society.

VSM participated in this event with two major objectives:

  1. To expand the outreach to the Society / Potential donors by disseminating the work we are doing and
  2. To look for potential Volunteers / KPs

VSM stall was decorated with exhibits outlining the objectives and Vision of VSM. Proactive actions by VSM as an organisation to mitigate the challenges posed by COVID-19 were an important part of the Posters prepared for the event.

Such events give an opportunity to individuals to appreciate the good work and contribute in whatever way possible, be it by offering time or money or skills to them. VSM had more than 225 visitors to the stall of which many have shown interest to join the organization as volunteers/ mentors.

The event was different  from usual exhibitions because nothing was there for “SALE ” but everything was there to feel the pain and misery a section of our society which was going through it. VSM had participated earlier in the event held at Pune (2019)

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Dene Samajache, Thane event, 2022

Dene Samajache Exhibitions - VSM Thane NGO

Dene Samajache, Pune event, 2019