On 19th January 2020, VSM celebrated its Library day at Thane. It was a large gathering of 100 students, 38 Mentors, 6 alumni & 27 guests.

The guest of honor was none other than Amrut Deshmukh -The Booklet Guy.

Image 1Nilima Mehta explained the journey of the VSM Librabry since its inception by Smt. Badhe at Shahapur. The Thane Library was started in 2014 where Mr. Pendharkar computerized the process & Dinesh Sonavane made soft copy of books and categorized them.

The “Rasagrahan” competition held this year by the Library team to inculcate reading habit, got a good response from students with  70 students actively participating in it. The main attraction of the event was the interview of the Booklet Guy taken by our own student Sanket Vanare.

Image 2Amrut shared his childhood memories when he got books in 4th standard & that’s where his journey started. With a CA degree Amrut started three different start-ups which did not take off. With the emotional turmoil due to the failures he was agitated & very depressed.

It was around this time that he remembered an advice given to him about “Reading”& randomly he started reading the story of Shri Krishna and Balram, which had a strong message of facing fears & overcome it. This  changed his life forever.

Amrut was a fan of Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and would give his friend a brief gist of how the book got him hooked. Amrut’s friend, quite impressed with his way of narrating book’s core idea in a short time, requested him to send a text message of his summary via Whatsapp to his group of friends, each time he read a good book.

This lead to the beginning of “Make India Read Initiative”, through which he shares weekly book summaries on global bestsellers in both text and audio format.

Image 5He has developed the “ Booklet App” &  has10 lakh followers on social media. He strongly believes that money comes as a byproduct of your character. Adding to it, he shared “Character is what you do when no one is watching you and personality is what you do when everyone watches you”.

When asked about people’s favorite subject ‘Time Management’ Amrut advised to keep our mobile away while reading or doing any important work.

According to him multitasking is a myth, our brain only performs switch tasking.

With his inspirational, motivational and engaging address to our young students, Amrut inspired them to read more and more books as he strongly believes that “Books can change the reader’s life”.

Image 4The interview was followed by the elocution and group discussion competitions with enthusiastic participation from the students.

The memorable Library day concluded with prize distribution ceremony, delicious lunch and a thank you note.

Testimonial of a student:
एक अतिप्रचंड उर्जाशक्तिने भरलेली, उत्कटतेने आवड जोपासणारी आणि त्या  आवडीप्रती आस्था असणाऱ्या व्यक्तीच्या वक्तव्याने मैफिल रंगतदार झाली…विद्यार्थांना एका जागी खिळवून ठेवण्यात अमृत देशमुख यशस्वी झाला. अशी प्रश्न
उत्तर स्वरूपात झालेली मुलाखत खूप ऊर्जा देऊनगेली.
“Money comes as a by product “- हा अमृतदादाचा गुरुमंत्र नेहमीच लक्षात राहील .

Pratima Bhoir…VSM Student