One of many firsts, a calendar event “ My Hostel Days” was conducted for the hostel students of VSM on 3rd Nov. 2019 at Sahayog Hall, Thane. Total  48 students  and 33 karyakatas were present.

It was a great platform for all hostel students to share their experiences, discuss issues and share solutions. Many students came forward to talk about how they used their extra time in various activities such as time management, learning & using technology, personality development, hobbies like reading, cycling and for social work.

Foto Sandeep BhagwatMr Sandeep Bhagwat shared various challenges they have to face  while running hostels.

Three ex- hostelites shared their experiences of hostel life. Prakash Gaikwad, Vrushal Londhe and Harshala Bagarao said that hostel stay taught them time and finance management, communication skills, team work, cooking, Yoga, etc.

Foto Shri. HarolikarShri Anil Harolikar a senior VSM volunteer shared his hostel experiences of yesteryears viz. of 1967. Hostel days gave them friends, taught independence & communication skills.

Fourteen students from VSM girls & boys hostels also shared their experiences. They said that hostel life gave them confidence, they learned to manage accounts, staying away from home has improved their relationship with family members, discipline and to stay away from distractions. Many have learnt multitasking due to their management of hostel work. Students said they have been able to maintain good relations as they were able to make good friends.

Foto Shri.PendharkarNext session was Focused Group Discussion (FGD). Many topics in FGD were discussed, which are  close to the students’ daily lives. Need of WiFi and Newspaper, hostel group activities, social work, self-discipline or strict rules, cooperation and teamwork were some of the points taken for  discussion. It was a very lively discussion with lot of learnings. Shri. Arun Pendharkar reviewed all the groups and gave valuable feedback.

foto 2In summation the students agreed that they should maintain cleanliness,, have good communication with their family, make fruitful use of their time and use this opportunity to develop various other skills along with college work. They would also develop habits like reading the newspaper everyday and helping juniors with their studies. All in all this was an event that increased the enthusiasm of the students and Hostel   Committee.