IMG_20190224_123356Continuing VSM’s mission to help students to live a healthy life and become responsible citizens by being sensitive towards the society, Borivali branch of VSM had organized a workshop for students on the topic: “Negotiating Emotions – A way to Healthy Life” on Sunday 24th February 2019 from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. The workshop was attended by 13 VSM students and 3 VSM Volunteers.

IMG_20190224_121859The workshop was conceptualised and facilitated by Dr. Shailaja Jaywant, who herself is a certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer from Indian Partner of Six Seconds, United Kingdom and working as an Asst. Professor in Occupational Therapy in Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College (Sion Hospital). The workshop was co-facilitated by Dr. Deepak Shrivastav who is a VSM alumnus and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Occupational Therapy.

IMG_20190224_130037The program began with an ice-breaker session wherein the participants introduced themselves and shared a happy incidence in their life, one important goal, and a strong emotion required to achieve it. Next, the participants were explained the concept of ‘emotions’ and how understanding them has become important for good health and happiness in past few decades.

IMG_20190224_123333After this, different emotions were explained using emotions wheel and flash cards and then, by using some real-life examples the participants were made aware about the effect of different moods on emotions and vice versa. The feelings were plotted on the mood meter to identify the various moods followed by a personality test which made the participants aware about the emotions dominant in them.

IMG_20190224_114451The participants were then made aware about the difference between Intelligence Quotient & Emotional Quotient and the importance of later for emotional and physical wellness. Further, they were explained how they can understand the emotions in self and others effectively and the game of dumb-charades was played to practice this

After some fun related learning, the participants were taken through the concept of emotional Hijack and the 6 seconds model for emotional reaction. This was followed by another activity called “Name it — Claim it — Tame it — Aim it” where the participants were given an emotional situation and they had to communicate constructively to Resolve the conflict and feel empowered.

IMG_20190224_132710The workshop concluded with the ocean-wave activity (using bed-sheets) which showed that emotions have a control on almost all of the body parts.All this ended with high enthusiasm and a promise by students to be emotionally more aware and thus, live a healthy life.

“It was a very interactive session and we could learn more about our emotions through examples that we could relate with our day to day life. We have now understood that emotions and feelings are different and that emotions are framework to express feelings. This workshop has enhanced our ability to face challenging situations in life!” – VSM Students

“Emotions play a very significant role in one’s life. Identifying them and developing skills to analyse & respond to them was a significant takeaway from this workshop and I think our students would hugely benefit from this!” – A Karyakarta Palak