The Orientation program was conducted on 22.9.2018 for the new volunteers of VSM.

RAJITARajita Sawant welcomed all and explained the rationale behind conducting the program as well as talked about the days agenda in brief. This was followed by Varsha Joshi giving information about various Committees and their scope of work.
Three new volunteers shared their experiences and how in a short time they have already started contributing in various team activities of VSM.

ANITA MOKASHIDr Archana emphasized the importance of VSM Event calendar and explained how volunteers should use it effectively and give suggestions which will help in capacity building of students and mentors. Dr. Anita enlightened everyone with the novel concept of ‘VSM che Gotr’. While explaining the importance of various shibirs she mentioned that shibirs have positive impact on students’ behavior, nature, thoughts and the entire personality.

Rajita explained the importance of budget, scholarship, earn and learn, internship and Varsha Joshi (C.A.) talked about efforts taken by VSM for Fund Raising.

ArchanaRole play by Dr Archana and our alumni Nilesh, depicted the close bond between mentor and student and how the mentor beautifully explained the student to use the scholarship money to pay following year college fees and become a “Zero Budget” student of VSM. This gesture indirectly helped VSM in funding few more needy students.

SaurabhaSaurabha Joglekar gave a short presentation on the digital presence of VSM and importance of increasing our outreach through Social Media. At present VSM has its digital imprint on Website, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Jyoti Patwardhan explained the concept of “Mentoring” through her effective video clip. Mentoring is something beyond rules and regulations, one has to abiding to organization guidelines is very important and the mentor has to develop a strong bond with student to bring transparency and openness. Orientation team also shared different stories and experiences to highlight the importance of patience and empathy.

RAMESHWARITwo alumni students, Prathamesh & Rameshwari shared their unique and gratifying journey in VSM, from being a student to now re-connecting as alumni of VSM.
Our seasoned mentor, Subhod Jathar shared the thought behind joining VSM and how it works as a strong magnet and always keeps one connected permanently.He also educated the volunteers about various database systems and VSM sponsored training programs for volunteer empowerment.

GEETA SHAHGeeta Shah came up with the idea of Focused Group Discussion (FDG) which was conducted on ‘Novel Fund raising ideas to find sponsors for our Medical and Para medical students to Sevankur organized Camp “In vacation, One week for Nation” at Kanyakumari.

GR DISCUSSION-- 2Participants actively discussed the concept and came up with many novel ideas for getting the sponsors. Geeta Shah also delivered the concluding remarks emphasizing on discipline and having a professional approach towards ones’ role as a volunteer of VSM.