A workshop was conducted on Sunday 14th July 2019 at Vishranti Bungalow for Nursing students and those interested in taking up Nursing as a career. Total 29 students from all 5 centres attended the workshop, 8 KPs of Nursing students were also present.

3This year the theme of the workshop was “Personality Development” and “Overseas opportunities” for Nurses. We had invited two guest speakers viz. Mrs Prachi Deshpande, Principal Meenatai Thakare Nursing College attached to Thane Municipal Corporation and Mr S. B. Shinde, who is a Graduate Nurse and runs a placement consultancy for Nurses.

The workshop started with a prayer “Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu” followed by a brief speech by our Founder member, Trustee and Managing Committee member Mrs Ranjana Kulkarni. She informed the gathering about VSM’s inception in 2008, its growth till now, objectives and activities we conduct to make our students a responsible and sensitive citizen.

2Mrs Prachi Dharap through an excellent presentation updated students about Etiquette, Values and Attitude that a Nurse should have for her overall Personality Development. She explained the importance of Self awareness, Positive attitude, Behavioural modifications, self motivation through the medium of JOHARI WINDOW.  The students  understood the concept well due to graphical representation. She also stressed upon the importance of continuous improvement in Clinical Nursing area, understanding patient’s mind through empathy without being emotionally sympathetic. She also explained the importance of  how to address patients with dignity, irrespective of his economic/social strata.

4Mr S. B. Shinde made the session very lively by interacting with students what type of job they would like to have – whether a relatively easy Govt. Job OR Job in private sector, whether Academic or Clinical. The students kept on changing their choice after knowing opportunities in different sectors. He mentioned about having Short & Medium term Goals particularly for female nurses as they are compelled to take family responsibility after getting married. He also enlightened the students about the criteria and exams students should prepare and clear if their objective is to find jobs abroad.

Our KP Mrs Vaishali Kondajee conducted the entire proceedings in a very lively manner.

The workshop concluded with Lunch for all, followed by Be Frank- Be Adaptive session by our Be Frank team & the students came out with broad smiles.