Despite the blessings of Rain and Mega block, the number of students turned up for the second Be Frank of this year was more than exciting and after the fog of everyone’s narration skills in morning’s poem recitation and story narration competition was settled; everyone was in for a ride of an afternoon full of friendly- quite literally- chatting with conductors Anand Sapate and Karan Pardeshi.

The first activity of the session was simply grabbing a friend with whom you share a common interest and introduce each other. And the common grounds on which pairs were formed; we all were awestricken. Sagar Gade and Vrushal Londhe both love South Indian movies. Jitendra Dalvi and Kishor Prasad are dedicated for social work. Bharat Kadam and Trupti Mane both have an urge for learning new things whereas Suchita and Kirti both love cartoons, think they also look like one and that’s why paired up. Some of them paired up because they both came late and Sanket Vanare,Dinesh Gaikwad paired up because they were sitting next to each other. Anand dada also asked them the strengths and weaknesses of each other. The worth mentioning pair was of Poonam and Nikita. Lack of self-discipline was Poonam’s weakness and the presence of same was the strength of Nikita. But according to Karan dada, hiding each other’s real weaknesses was the true strength of these two.

PHOTO_COLLAGE1498812422737 (1)Second group activity was the ice breaker for many of the shy students. All the students rearranged themselves in groups of five or such. One member of group was expected to stand on a table and fall back whilst all the other ‘friends’ catch them (hopefully). ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ came forward first proving their name to be correct. This all-girl alliance glided through the game like professionals. Priyanka didn’t even hesitate before falling back. Sakshi from the second group was nervous at first, but did the game anyway and succeeded too. She said the harmony of first group gave her courage. Overall, the game demonstrated a very important, if not most, aspect of friendship- TRUST.

The last activity of the day was a surprise for all; and shock for many. The groups were given a human quality related to friendship. They had to represent the pros and cons and their necessity in a friendship. But the real twist- they had to do so in English. ‘TREKKING’ group conveyed the meaning of ‘coordination’ through example of human body. ‘SOCIAL’ group did an act to show how negligence can mean disrespect and the importance of ‘respect’ in true friendship. Anand dada joked about the new type of virtual respect we need to give on social media. ‘READING’ group gave a totally new perspective of friendship in VSM to explain ‘caring’; the caring of KPs towards students and their friendship. ‘CARTOONS’ represented ‘communication’ and the best thing was they actually demonstrated it without realizing; Nikita didi was helping each and every ‘friend’ in her group throughout the presentation. Poonam gave an impressive insight on virtual communication. ‘GYPSIE’ group shared their views about ‘sharing’ according to which sharing is not only concerned

with sharing of things but also of emotions, feelings and secrets too. It should be from both ends otherwise sharing becomes trading. ‘KHATRON KE KHILADI’ theorized that creativity is directly proportional to ‘exploration’. ‘JALWA’ group elaborated ‘acceptance’ as a way to improve ourselves. Last but not least, ‘SPORTY’ group said that ‘frankness’ can’t be negotiated; moreover their slogan said it all- ‘Har frank friend zaroori hota hai!’.

In the end, all felt like we ourselves taught us everything we needed to know about ‘friendship’. Anand dada perfectly summed up the day with perfection;” We can survive life without friendship, but can’t live the life without them.”