VSM Borivli had organized a workshop on Stress Management and Emotional awareness on 18th February 2018. The session was facilitated by Mr. Suvedh (VSM Karyakarta) and Dr. Deepak (VSM alumnus) who conducted the session in an interactive way, ensuring full participation from the audience.

stress management-1 The session was started with an ice-breaker where the participants were asked to interact with their neighbors and introduce themselves and discusses the things they liked the most. Then the participants were explained the meaning of stress and reasons causing it. This was followed by an activity where the participants had to perform self-analysis and come-up with the qualities that they possess which they thought were hindrances in their progress path.

stress mangememt-2The participants were then explained about Emotional intelligence and how stress is an outcome of our emotions. This was followed by another activity which explained how people react with different emotions to the same incidence and so stress caused to every individual from the same incidence may be different.

stress management -3Some of the time management techniques and its importance in coping stress were then explained. The participants were advised to take out some time from their daily routine to engage in activities which will act as stress-busters. The workshop ended with practicing of some simple muscle relaxation exercises and meditation techniques (for relaxation of mind) which would help to minimize the impact of stress.

VSM students found the workshop very helpful and felt that the learning’s they had will go with them a long way in life in facing stressed situations. Though it was necessarily a student activity, the KPs too participated in the workshop actively.