VSM conducted a calendar event at Shahapur on 11 March 2018 on how to manage stress. The workshop was facilitated by Omkar Gogate. Around 43 students took part in this workshop.

The workshop was aimed at getting acquainted with what is stress. Through response eliciting technique facilitated by Omkar, students explored the difference between actual stress, its triggers or causes, the physiological symptoms and its psychological symptoms.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-12 at 08.17.46Through the real life stories narrated by Afsana and Vijay the group discussed about the immediate effects of stressful situations on one’s life, as well as, a possible way through the challenging situations. The students were made aware that these are the possible response outcomes that one can think of, but which cannot replace a professional intervention by an expert.

During the course of the session students explored the mental and physiological effects of stress. The session also identified the types of stress through the “Tense-O-Meter”, where how Nil Tension causes lethargy and incompetence whereas how Full Tension leads to mental and physiological disturbances. It was understood how in most situations individual’s perception of the situation turns it either into a problem or a challenge.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 09.14.54The program concluded with students retelling the highlights of the discussion and with a thanking note. The Shahapur team led by Athavale sir extended their complete support for the session. A few KPs also attended this program.