VSM Synergy workshop was held on 18th November 2018 at AP Shah Institute of Technology, Thane. An old saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, expresses the basic meaning of synergy.

3The clip of Hindi film, “चक दे इंडीया” was screened to demonstrate the way Shahrukh Khan as a coach inculcated team spirit into team members which is an excellent example of synergy.

Swati Agate, one of the founders of VSM narrated her journey from individual efforts to help students in their education to today’s VSM and how this was achieved due to synergies in various areas.

The pre-lunch session focused on various Synergies in VSM.

Mentoring synergy was explained through an act showing that rather than  offering lemon, salt, water, sugar separately, making  “लिंबू-सरबत”  can give more energy to student, which is a perfect example of synergy. In simple, informal manner the team pointed out various points in VSM’s day to day activities where synergy among mentors was beneficial to VSM and students.

1“Bharud of Career Counseling” covered synergy between admission and career guidance teams during selection of students in VSM. Seamless synergies involving different career teams, mentors, students, volunteers and managing committee members was effectively depicted and explained.

Current students and alumni presented a captivating street play showing synergy between junior and senior students and between students and alumni in varied areas covering academics, health, job preparation etc. The audience cheered the students for their performance and the contents.

It ended with illuminated VSM letters, V for vibrant, S for solutions to M for multiple problems.

5Varied aspects of financial synergy the backbone of VSM, was shown to the audience using slides. The importance and use of digital media in qualitative growth of VSM which is the need of time was emphasized.

The representatives of all the branches, – Shahapur, Borivali, Pune, Nagpur and Thane shared their experiences, synergies and uniqueness of their branches with all.

6--sanket kaleA speech by Sanket Kale, VSM mentor was thought provoking. He explained compartmentalization, goal setting and orientation of synergy towards specific goal by giving apt examples of Sachin Tendulkar.His view of looking at VSM after 5years without losing focus on the goal and keeping synergy but avoiding overlapping of roles and responsibilities made us pause and think beyond synergy.

This time the reception desk was replaced by the donation desk. First visitor to the desk-Nagpur team was felicitated and so was Prasad Bedekar for the fastest registration of the workshop.

4Post Lunch session started with fun filled activity of pipes and ball game. It taught importance of team work as well as the team discipline.

The talk given by- iVolunteers  and group discussion  thereafter, focused on  how to  present VSM organization and how to pitch a donor for it.

Vandana Shirke, in her  impressive, appealing style compered the workshop.

Summarizing speech was delivered by Ms. Geeta Shah.

The program ended with the ” VSM Song – Swapna Aamache, Karya Aamache Vidyadaan”.