vedh 1

The theme ‘Odds to Even and Beyond’ was quite aptly understood by our students. The enormity of challenges faced by panelists, “To Give” is a law of nature, Neither Failure nor success is final, positive approach, working beyond the borders of religion, no option to hard work, how to face challenges without taking the easy way out were major take away for VSM students.

Our medical student from Kolhapur Uttareshwar Tangade’s impression about Pune VEDH “I attended VEDH at Pune, All five sessions were just amazing ,one message I took from this VEDH is that our problems are too small compared to someone other who is completely blind, who takes injection 4 times a everyday, even though they are happy then why not us. We clicked Selfie with Dr. Nadakarni. He treated us very especially as VSM students”


Our new karyakarta palak Pradnya Rasne’s views about Pune VEDH  “Attending VEDH was really inspiring for our wards.

Our students actually come up to here facing really very odd circumstances. As KP with VSM we are trying to make the conditions even for them; but I am very confident, with all their own efforts our wards will reach beyond.

That is the motivation VEDH has given to me and other KPs and our wards.”