Demo Be Frank

9th-10th December 2017; Thane

Facilitator: All team members

A ThaneIt was a great way to end the year for whole team.  Eight teams, eight themes, so many new ideas, activities & games, and just as much different presentation styles- it was feast for all of us. We found our strengths, weaknesses, bonding and most of all- a team spirit; which was exactly the purpose behind this idea.

Be Frank Be Confident

21st January, 2018; Shahapur

Facilitator: Parth Ayare, Vishal Raykar, Poonam Pawar

A KinhavaliThe New Year started for Be Frank team with a boost of confidence, because the theme was itself Be Confident. And we had a fantastic response, Shahapur students being already confident enough. The first activity was ‘Garaba introduction’ in which students had to remember everyone’s introduction while rotating in interlocked circles. It showed everyone that to stand out in everyone, confidence is the best asset. Also the advertisement activity & the debate ended the day on high. We also had games to keep the students energetic, ‘balance the book’ to name one.

Be Frank Be Connected

11th February, 2018; Borivali

Facilitator: Sanket Vanare & Saili Kadam

A-Borivali(1)It was the only Be Frank of the year for Borivali center and hence we had to justify it. The main aim of this theme was to manifest the importance of being connected- socially, emotionally and mentally- to society, family & most importantly to self. We tried to convey this message through games and activities instead of explaining through words- and it worked very well. Notable activities were ‘Doramon’, in which the role of a connecting thread to pass on the resources and the arising problems due to a knot depicted the real life situation; the product designing activity in which everyone presented one aspect of a new product without being allowed to talk to each other, thus imparting the importance of coordination in a team; along with the ‘be unique’ activity in which everyone got to know their common interests. Also the interesting games made everyone belly-laugh. All in all, it was a hit, leaving Borivali students already eager for the next Be Frank.

Be Frank Be Creative

18th February, 2018; Pune

Facilitator: Sanket Vanare & Manasi Doke

BeFfrank-collage-1The best thing about this Be Frank- Punekars became frank! All the activities were pretty simple and with a single purpose, to let everyone’s creativity flow. The creative introductions; painting with fingers and sticks; advertisements of odd things like stone, lipstick to all-boys group; story telling; dumb charades; Pictionary; photography; paper art and origami… Phew! Everyone became a child ten years old, exactly what we wanted.

Be Frank Be Innovative

15th April 2018, Thane

Facilitator: Shubham Sakpal, Rutuja Shingare

BeFfrank-collage-2The last Be Frank of this year was the perfect chance for students to use all they have learned throughout this year and bring it through their innovation. And we decided to use their innovative ideas for a purpose- for our 15th August Vardhapan Din. Every group gave diverse innovative ideas about the art corner, lunch setup, interview session, registration desk, etc. One more activity worth mentioning was the musical activity in which the groups had to both change lyrics of a song or the music and thus present it in innovative way. Also the activity in which teams had to suggest innovative changes in given accessories such as Mumbai locals, stick of a blind person, cycle, etc.; showcased the innovative minds of VSM.

Also this second half of year proved crucial for our social media presence. We initiated our blog ‘Vawesomes’ as a platform for VSM students to express their thoughts & ideas, ‘frank’ly! Also, we have started a documentation website to keep track of our technical data and activities.

The last Be Frank was special for one more reason; we set a new milestone with the attendance of 76 students. And it has inspired us to set even higher new milestone- #Mission1000. With New Year dawning on us, we are striving harder and with more zeal than ever; guess the ‘team’ has finally turned into ‘Family’!