VSM conducted a Workshop for Volunteers & Mentors on Sunday 19th November with all-time record attendance of 105 family members.

At the outset some important announcements were made informing all of some new initiatives being taken by VSM during 2017-18 in the interest of all stakeholders.  The announcement of one day Picnic scheduled in January received maximum CHEERS from all VSM Volunteers!!!

The Workshop Coordinator Swati Agate then informed about the THEME of the workshop i.e. INTROSPECTION   (Aatmaparikshan) or Self-Probing by Volunteers and the various activities & sessions planned during the day.

113A9988-----The first session was about the career counseling teams formed by VSM for various academic streams after lot of probing. Team leads for Science, Engineering, ITI, Medical & Para-medical, Nursing, Commerce, Fine Arts then made brief presentations on how the teams have been able to give meaningful options & directions to students’ educational careers after SSC, HSC as well as for other professional curriculums in respective streams.

Pic 5This was followed by a session by Alumni student Karan Pardeshi about new initiatives taken by Alumni and how they wish to contribute in the coming years through programmes like BE FRANK at all centers.

Continuing with the Alumni, Ashutosh Gadgil then stressed the importance of having a comprehensive Alumni Data Base which he is developing.  A multi-faceted Alumni is VSM’s vital strength and VSM will benefit immensely by utilising this important resource to make them future ready to take up leadership role.

The next session on Introspection OR Aatmaparikshan was the theme of the workshop. Eight Mentors highlighted various complex situations they faced in dealing with their students and how after sustained probing they were able to resolve the issues. The range of situations came forth during their talks were in diverse froms:

  • Emotional stress due to family trauma,
  • students carefree attitude once they are with VSM,
  • Understanding difference between calibre of two students pursuing same course and taking a bold decision,
  • Following students thought process based on their social media interactions and taking timely steps to prevent further damage,
  • Are we pampering students by giving them all possible supports,
  • Am I doing justice to my role as Mentor or Is there a better way to do it,
  • Analysing failures and Learning from them to come out with a completely new approach by English team”

This session was an eye opener for all Volunteers to understand the wide scope of the role of a Mentor in VSM in fulfilling VSM mission.

113A9928After lunch, Saurabha Joglekar stressed the importance of social media for VSMs benefit and appealed to Volunteers to adapt to the digital platform.

All Volunteers were then divided in groups of six and were given two case studies each. In all there were 4 case studies with varied situations like Sympathy, Empathy, Duty, Discipline, Communications etc.  This lively session was conducted by Abhay Gadiyar.  Anil Harolikar  summed up the responses from this sessions for everyone’s benefit on the various approaches suggested by different teams in dealing with the situations.

113A9955----- 113A9947------- 113A9937------ 113A9933-----
The lively session of case studies was followed by Role Plays based on the workshop theme between a “STUDENT & MENTOR” and “MENTOR & Managing Committee member”. The roles were played perfectly by Varsha Joshi (Mentor), Manjiri Joshi (Student)and Geeta Shah ( lead performance evaluation team ).

113A9977-------            113A9965------

The last session was about various Ongoing & Upcoming projects undertaken by VSM in 2017-18. The objective was to sensitise & update all Volunteers about  the GOALS VSM has undertaken this year for better GOVERNANCE and all around improvement in efficiencies.  VSM is keen to involve more Volunteers to join these projects and strengthen the teams; based on their Knowledge and Skills.

113A9996----Geeta Shah in her own un-imitable style passionately summed up all the sessions from the Workshop and its link with the Workshop’s theme.

FinallyWorkshop Coordinator Swati Agate declared the workshop closed not before thanking all those who contributed for the success of the event.

IMG-20171126-WA0043              IMG-20171119-WA0016             113A9952