As a part of the VSM’s yearly calendar, Connect Team conducted a workshop on Stress Management on February 05, 2017 in Thane. 49 students from Mumbai, Thane and Shahapur attended the workshop. This workshop was facilitated by VSM Karyakarta Omkar Gogate.

Stress Management_Facilitator Rocks

(Omkar Gogate conducting Workshop)

My two CentsUsing the mind map technique students familiarized themselves about the various ingredients that make a perfect stress recipe i.e. event/ trigger thoughts and emotions caused because of an event and related response or behavior change. One of the students shared her own story about campus recruitment whichwas a stressful situation for her and how she coped with it. Her narration emphasized on the fact that stress is not caused by an outside situation alone but by our perception. Changing one’s thoughts holds the key towards managing it effectively.

Everyone unanimously agreed that stress (tension) to certain extent is required for optimum and effective functioning. Categorizing the tension level (Nil- Cool – Full) will be the first step towards managing unwanted stress/ no-stress.Stree Management_Enjoying a Ligher Moment

While discussing the stress management techniques, Omkar illustrated the difference between relief and solution through diagrammatic representation and urged students to choose it discretely as situation demands. Program was concluded with an open forum for students to discuss the stress situations for them and tips and techniques to manage it.

With a sharp sense of humor and continuous flow of the conversation with the audience Omkar conveyed this stressful topic in a very light and delightful manner.