Boriwali 3-minThe Palak Melava, a community participation initiative of VSM was held in two VSM Branches viz. Thane and Borivali on 13th & 14th Oct.2018 respectively. The event was attended by students, their parents, mentors, volunteers and guests. Total attendance was approximately 75 at Borivali and 160 at Thane.

This melava was arranged with the aim of meeting the parents one on one, who are rarely in contact with VSM or the mentors of their child. Also, to make them aware of VSM and its varied activities which are carried out for the overall development of the children apart from funding their education.

Thane1-minHow VSM was established, its vision, its functioning and its journey was explained by Kalpana Gore (at Thane), Anjali Shirke and Anjali Pednekar (at Borivali).

In Borivali Melava, Vaishnavi Kalzunkar showed a presentation depicting various VSM activities so that parents get an idea of the content of different workshops, Anjali Pednekar appealed to all the parents to encourage their children to participate in maximum workshops and camps arranged by VSM.

Swati Agate said that the parents of our students should become our friends.  They should have the sense of being one of the members of VSM family & have confidence that VSM will always be behind them in any problems they face and this melava will help to achieve same.

Boriwal4-minGeeta Shah explained how VSM gets its students. She said that students of Borivali branch  should not hesitate to go to Thane to attend workshops. She also appealed to the parents that they make sure their children practice time management and attend the events and take advantage to develop their skills.

Boriwali 1-minIn Borivali, Sanket, Apurva and Vinisha(Students) and parents of Satyajit, Sanjay, Apurva, Vinisha (Borivali Branch), Prerna and Anjali (Thane Branch) shared their views on how VSM have made a positive difference in their children and even in their own lives.

In Thane, Nisha Moholkar explained the importance of every student’s participation in all the VSM activities and she appealed to the parents to take interest in child’s’ routine activities and persuade the child to participate in all programs, talk to him to understand and find out what he felt about the experience.

Rutuja Shingare our student talked about her take on Be Frank activity and what benefits she had from that platform.

Thane3-minSmt. Sharayu Ghadi, mother of a special child Prasad, graced the occasion and delivered her awe inspiring talk. She shared her experiences of all the extreme efforts taken in mentoring him successfully and his co-operation and positive attitude throughout his life. Prasad was an artist, a singer and did well in studies with support of parents and his teachers. Prasad shared a beautiful understanding and bonding with his parents. It was a motivational, highly positive address with lot of takeaways and learnings on how to face and handle very difficult situations and find ways to be happy and lead a meaningful life.

Nothing can stop one from achieving ones Goal with proper focus, hard work and motivation.

Thane2-minIn Thane and Borivali, group discussion involving student, parent and respective Mentor was the highlight of the event. These interactive session was conducted with the help of a small questionnaire which helped the mentors to understand how much the parent is aware of his child’s’ academics and the role VSM plays in the overall development of the student.

boriwali 2-minVSM volunteers told parents that it was important to talk to the children, to take care of their health and keep a keen eye on their behavior and if they noticed any significant change it should be informed immediately to the mentors. Mentors also got a peek into the parents life, their struggles and their dream of educating their child against all odds.

Thus, the Palak Melava at both the branches resulted in positive interactions between the student, their parents and their mentors and paved the way for establishing a strong bond between them which will be of great help in the effective mentoring of the student.