The Orientation for the new students enrolled in VSM in academic year 2018 was held on 22nd July, 2018 at Thane.

Total participants were 141 comprising of 88 students, 18 parents, who had accompanied their children, 29 Mentors who came to meet their wards (most of them for the first time) & 8 Alumni students. Students attached to Shahapur, Thane and Pune branches of VSM attended the event.

Facilitators The program was organized and facilitated by Vandana Shirke and Dr. Archana Damle with a group of young enthusiastic volunteers (Pooja & Phalguni) including current (Raj) & alumni (Monika & Kanchan) students.

The inaugural address was delivered by Mrs. Nivedita Joshi VSM Managing Committee member, who talked about the origin and captivating journey of VSM. Dr. Archana Damle then briefly explained to the students, the basic concept of VSM, what it offers to the students, the rational of the workshop and also introduced all the speakers & Faculty.

The “Pratidnyapatra” which explains the Do’s and Don’t’s for VSM students, was read by Pooja Kulkarni & all students participated in the reading.

KP role playThe concept of Karyakarta Palak was presented in a compelling way by Dr. Anita Mokashi with the help of interesting examples. Geeta Shah and Varsha Joshi performed a role play very effectively, showing how the bonding between a student and his mentor blossoms over the period of time. One of the current students Raj Khandagale and Ex-student Monika Walte performed another role play about Monthly Ahawal & how the students should give correct & correct inputs to their mentors for same.

Accounts role play As donors are the Pillars of VSM, the donations are used very precisely and thoughtfully for the students. Vandana Shirke  gave brief idea to the students about account process, advance settlement, submission of bills on time etc with the help of a presentation. This was  followed by an role play  performed by her & her ward Kanchan Patoleon the same subject i.e. importance of accounts submission and budget.

Workshop Role playAfter a short break, the session resumed with two interesting role plays based on 1. Career guidance to students  and 2. Various workshops which VSM conducts throughout the year for the students & how important it is to attend them for developing their personality. These were performed by Dr. Archana Damle, Pooja Kulkarni and Phalguni Shendye.

Q & A feedback was conducted at the  end of each session of presentations & role plays & the important learning’s were highlighted.

Dr. Archana gave information about all the calendar events, various interventions for students & explained them about their prime responsibilities as a student of VSM family. She told the students how performance evaluation is carried out at the end of the year for each & every student and why it is extremely important to attend maximum possible workshops & events designed specifically for them.

Monika and Raj described their journey of VSM, how it helped them in their overall development and how they got connected with the beautiful family of VSM.

Students 3In the concluding session, a group activity was conducted wherein individual topics related to the day’s proceedings were given to the groups & each group was asked to  present their thoughts on same. This activity helped the students to get introduced to each other & exchange ideas freely. Their response was a proof that the event, indeed, was a great success.

GeetaGeeta Shah conveyed her thoughts through an appealing speech, which made the students understand how each and every one in VSM is working for the welfare of the students and made them realize that now they have also become a member of our VSM family. Her eloquent speech marked the end of Orientation Program’18.

Testimonials of Students:

This is first time I am attending such gathering, I liked the family like atmosphere & I am sure my personality will blossom here…. Rani Katekar

I am really feeling very lucky & proud to be a student of VSM & along with academics will also try to achieve social and all round progress…..Omkar Raman Padwal