The workshop on opportunities in the field of NURSING for Science students was held on Sunday 16th July 2017(10am/1.30pm) at Shanta & Vasant Patwardhan Trust, Vishranti Bungalow, Ram Maruti Road, Thane.

Team: Vidya Jathar & Bina Padwal.

Attendance: Students – 32 ; Karyakarta Palak – 8


Prachi Dharap / Principal – Minatai Thakre Nursing College, Thane

Uma Shetkar / Principal – Bhakti vedanta Hospital & Nursing Education, Mira Road

Rationale: To impart knowledge on opportunities in the field of Nursing to the students in presence of their mentors (Palak Karyakarta’s)along with Guest Speakers from the field of Nursing. The aim was to help them to understand and get familiarise with the Nursing Role ,  challenges and providing quality services without compromise.

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After Breakfast & Tea, the Workshop commenced at 10:00 AM with recital of holy prayer “ GuruBramha Guru Vishnu “

Vidya  Jathar introduced objectives of the workshop and opportunities in the field of Nursing. She also introduced VSM faculty and Guest speakers.

Swati  Agate gave an old incident while reading news paper she came across one article about a poor student from Shahpur securing high marks but could not afford further education. She decided to help the student so that he could continue his further education. In the process she came across many poor students who were looking forward for external support. Gradually she decided to help other poor students in the region. The task was challenging, she came across a group having same passion and thought process for delivering education. This was the time in 2008 – Vidyadan Sahayak Mandal (VSM) was formed.

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Dr. Archana Damle highlighted on the role-play of VSM was not limited to imparting only education but by conducting various workshops to develop overall personality, create financial awareness along with ground realities. Students are required to participate in ShramadaanShibir’s in order to create social awareness & dignity of labour. VSM Calendar of activities lists programs for the full year along with the dates, time and location.

Prachi Dharap introduced herself by stating that she did her BSC in 1986, M.Sc. in 2013 & at present she is doing PhD in Pre-Diabetic Care For Future. In-depth information in the field of Nursing was presented by her to start with ANM course till PhD. With this she highlighted the fact that how a NURSE can develop herself and her career and change destiny. She made power point presentation on each course. According to her“ Nurse can do anything “ it’s about helping people. She added Nurses  can also make a career in Microbiology, Nutrition, Psychology, Medical Surgical Nursing, Community health, Child Health Nursing, Mental Health, Research, Hospital Management, MBA & also Corporate sector. Information was shared on Indian Nursing Council that is all India based & Maharashtra Nursing Council is state based. They have set up Trained Nursing Association Of India & Student Nursing Association. Indian Nursing Council actively involves in tie-ups with Foreign Nursing Council for understanding, sharing, upgrading and exchange programs. Presently they are planning for Indian Nurses being directly recruited abroad for better opportunities.She concluded by stating that Nursing as a career is listed in the top segment of Career Opportunities globally.

Uma Shetkar she worked 30 years at KEM Hospital. She spoke on the emotional aspect of Nursing role. According to her SMILE is the most important facet in Nursing Career. Compassion, Concern, Care & Cure also play vital roles in Nursing. She shared her 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blast experience at KEM Hospital. The hospital was receiving dead bodies on large scale along with critical victims.  The entire hospital staff worked round the clock for almost 48 hours forgetting thirst, hunger, pain  and helped the traumatised patients and their relatives.

According to her Nurse has to be proactive and knowledgeable, as at times in the absence of Doctor she has to take quick decisions in order to save life. Nurses closely attend to Critical Patients or Patients on death bed. As such she has to provide best possible happiness to the patients and their families. Nurse is rewarded with their Million Dollar Blessings that counts in your life more than anything else. In no other profession will you will receive such blessings from the heart!!

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