VSM Pune celebrated it’s 4th Annual day on Sunday, July 21 at Dhondumama Sathe college to a packed hall of enthusiastic students, parents, teachers, well wishers and guests.

The program was flagged off with a welcome song!

Ahwal_By_jayashriJayashri Joshi read the annual report of activities conducted by the branch in the year gone by. She updated on the three annual goals of KP empowerment, English speaking initiative & Computer literacy. She said that while the English speaking classes had taken off successfully after initial hiccups in earlier years not much had happened on the Computer literacy goal.

Jayashri also declared two new goals for 2019-20

1)Workshops on nursing to be conducted with the help of Vidyatai Jathar from Thane branch.

2)Increasing the social connect on the lines of the tie up with “Nivara”old age home done in previous year.

Chief_guest_Mr. Shriram Geet 1Our guest of honor was Dr. Shreerm Geet, a General physician who has served at Sanjeevan Hospital for 11 years and is also an eminent educationist who has guided over 10,000 students over the years and has written several books on career selection.

His primary message to the students was “One should go beyond education and become a good human being!”  He emphasized that the fields of Nursing and Hotel Management will never have a shortage of job opportunities! Every nursing candidate should encourage other students to opt for this career which can help to provide income to more families!

One should resort to self study rather than attend classes which spoon feed the students! Also, students can gain a lot of exposure by doing small jobs side by side while trying to acquire a degree! Instead of chasing degrees, if one learns from doing small jobs, progresses through them and upgrades one’s skills, it will make you a better human being!

He suggested one should try new courses in Beautician & Cosmetology, Event Management, Bakery & Confectionery or even Travel & Tourism instead of following the herd and going in for graduation in science merely because one has secured good marks!

Dr.Geet closed his talk and opened the floor for questions from the audience.

Audience_2Various students asked for advice on what to do after graduation and were told to pick up on the job experience instead of looking for more degrees. One more tip he gave the students to answer the question in the same language and to the point as the question is asked!

On being asked whether it was a good idea to attempt competitive exams for civil services, he said that many students pursued it without having practical knowledge of their surroundings. The subject of Political Science, Sociology and History has to be understood practically as to what are current affairs through reading of daily newspapers and not merely keeping our knowledge bookish!

Dr. Geet ended his interaction by declaring that he enjoyed talking to students who are good but need to adopt a more practical approach to life.

This was followed by viewpoints from students, alumni, parents, donors as well as KPs.

Thereafter professors from Ferguson college Kalpana Kanake and Nirmala Talpe spoke of their experience of working with VSM students and VSM as an NGO.

Geeta_ShahThereafter, Geeta Shah our Founder Trustee & Managing committee member addressed the audience. She started by thanking all the students and their parents for making time to attend this Annual day function. Mission 500 is one of the many ways in which VSM would like to collect funds as a strategy since the pilot project of 50 donation boxes distributed last year garnered a very good response. This year VSM has taken on Mission 500 to target distribution of 500 donation boxes!  The drought situation in Marathwada has prompted us to help the students from that region and so VSM has decided to start a new branch in Aurangabad from Jun 2020.

As a student one should consciously try and raise the level of education, maintain our learning attitude, question oneself whether doing a simultaneous earn n learn scheme will help me without hindering my studies and will we get the desired exposure along with obtaining the degree.

Pune_TEAMVSM has introduced goal setting for the students and an acronym of ALPS to focus on as follows:

A – Academic, L – Learning, P – Personality development, S – Social goal – Every KP should have discussions with their respective palyas, to arrive at what exactly is needed by the student and accordingly set the goals under these different areas so as to further the students’ career.

She said she would like to thank all students as VSM is here because of them and they give so many opportunities of learning new things every day!

The program concluded with a vote of thanks from Mr. Avinash Mehendale thanking all those present and everybody who helped make the program a success.

The Vidyadaan song was sung in unison by all and the day ended on a note of high energy!