20171217_111631 On Sunday 17 November, 2017, students of VSM gathered to attend What Makes Business session at Vishranti Bungalow in Thane. The event was anchored by our karyakartas Omkar Gogate and Vandana Shirke. The facilitators – Parag Rede, Prasad Bedekar and Saurabha Jogalekar made this session interactive and fun.

This workshop aimed at making VSM students understand various facets of business as an activity. It also intended to instill a need in our students to look beyond their own function of work or specialization when they join an organization. The session had direct talks by facilitators with the students and activities comprising team role plays and simulations. Around 20 participants were a good mix of current students of VSM as well passed out students.

Prasad Bedekar explained sales and marketing in a light way with everyday examples and set the tone for the session that was rolling out.

Saurabha Jogalekar made the students understand the silent but key role that IT function plays in modern organizations.

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Lastly Parag Rede in his natural style ran the students through the phases of business right from planning and strategizing to raising the funds and subsequent operational management of business. Students made mock businesses and presented to the judges. They also realized the pivotal role of Vision, Mission and Strategy throughout the existence of business.

The session received a very positive feedback by participating students. The important outcome of this session was a need of students was well addressed and further need was felt; which is a project based approach to develop better understanding in students about business.