DSC09798On 19th August, 22 VSM Volunteers came to A. P. Shah Institute of Technology, Thane in great anticipation on a subject “Emotional Awareness and Relationship Building” which has great relevance to the unique concept of Mentor- Student relationship in VSM.

The workshop was conceptualized and facilitated by Dr. Shailaja Jaywant, a Professor in Occupational Therapy in Sion Hospital and an expert in the field.

The program began with an ice-breaker session wherein the participants introduced themselves and explained their role in VSM.

DSC09721Different emotions were explained using emotions wheel, movie clip and flash cards. Then, by using some real- life examples the volunteers were made aware about the effect of different moods on emotions and vice versa. The feelings were plotted on the mood meter to identify the various moods followed by marking various qualities that they possess on the emotional tree.

DSC09706After this, the concept of relationship building and empathy skill was explained in details to the participants.

The second half emphasized on specific topics/issues in VSM context.

The participants were given an idea about their roles-responsibilities-rights when they are a part of VSM family and then, various problems faced by volunteers regarding relationship building were discussed in the form of Situation-Feeling-Thought-Action process. For this, different pedagogies like small situational analysis, role plays, activities and games were used to drive home the learnings.

DSC09837The workshop concluded with fun activities which needed team work and leadership skills which could be achieved by implementing the learnings of the workshop.




DSC09672Dr. Shailaja Jaywant:  Professor in Occupational Therapy, Sion Hospital & Expert in Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Dr. Shilpshree Palsule: Occupational Therapist, KEM Hospital

Dr. Deepak Shrivastav: VSM Alumnus

Suvedh Jaywant:  VSM Volunteer

Dr. Archana Damle co-ordinated the logistics and VSM related content inputs for the workshop.