On 7 th October 2018, VSM had arranged a workshop session on Content for Social Media. The facilitator was Benita Bhatia Dua, a Social Media Consultant and Expert. She is CEO @ Vanilla Skills and has also authored a book titled “Whale of a Time with Social Media”.

DSC04542-minThis workshop was attended by 28 participants (volunteers, students and alumni) plus 3 guests.

Dr. Archana Damle introduced the Guest speaker and explained the purpose of this session.

Benita Bhatia Dua then took the audience through different  social media options and how these can be used to address the main 4 needs of VSM viz students, mentors , volunteers and funds. Her focus was on how to create and use the contents in different media.

DSC04519-minShe then explained in details as to how one should  create content by keeping in mind the  format of purpose and the  target audience, the media to be used , what should be the approach, how can we do it,  the mechanism, the message, the content and most important the tag line apart from the tools to be used.

The participants  were then  asked to team up with another participant and prepare their pitch in the format explained by her. After due deliberations and on and off inputs from Benita,  Monika Walte, Vandana Shirke, Divya Sarmalkar, Dhanashree Ketkar, Dr. Archana Damle made presentations to the group with their ideas.

Benita then briefly talked about the different media that can be used. These include text, photos, video, slideshow, graphic, gif, word cloud, infographic, listicle, podcast. She also informed the audience that these contents can be used in various formats like MS office, Canva, crello, Adobe sparkle, grammerly, word cloud, photo editor, boomerang, powtoons. The enthusiastic few from the audience did make use of some of these apps to convert their thoughts into highly interesting contents.